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Surviving the Retirement Wave on Topic for CASA Annual Conference
Hurry! The deadline to book your hotel at the CASA group rate is this Tuesday, July 19. Visit our event page for details and registration info. 

Don't miss the Thursday afternoon session for our special guest presentation:
Dr. Frank Benest

Surviving the Retirement Wave: 
Lessons Learned in Growing Our Successors
Dr. Frank Benest 

Dr. Benest is the former City Manager of Palo Alto, California. He is a noted consultant and trainer on rightsizing public organizations, entrepreneurial government, civic engagement, leadership development and succession planning. 

The interactive session will explore the impacts of the "retirement wave" and strategies for attracting, retaining and growing talent. Dr. Benest will focus on the need to develop people skills as well as technical competencies and provide suggestions for public agencies on how to get started in growing our successors.

Check out our event page to view the preliminary program, get hotel information, and register for CASA's annual conference.
CASA Comments on Proposed Concepts for 2030 Statewide GHG Reduction Target  
California has enacted several laws to mitigate climate change and improve environmental and public health by 2020. Under the AB 32 Scoping Plan, California is now setting a path to achieving the 2030 target of reducing statewide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions levels to 40% below 1990 levels.

The Scoping Plan will show California's progress toward meeting the near-term 2020 GHG emissions reduction goal as defined in the 2008 Scoping Plan. Additionally, it will align and prioritize the State's 2030 GHG reduction strategies with other state policy priorities.

CASA Succeeds in Clarifying WRDA Provisions Related to Water Softeners
A number of Southern California CASA agencies expressed concern with language in numerous bills pending in Congress that would authorize a WaterSense program at USEPA. The issue involves the potential of USEPA certifying point of use water softeners that could result in salt loadings that might impact a POTW's ability to comply with discharge standards in its permit.  

CASA, working with ACWA and others, succeeded in securing language in the Senate WRDA bill, S. 2848. The language clarifies that any criteria that a WaterSense might implement to guide certification of technologies that assist in water technologies being labeled as compliant with program priorities would not jeopardize compliance with permit conditions. We'll continue to work with the Senate and House on this priority as WRDA proceeds to conference later this fall.
CASA, Others Say California Should Stay the Course On Low Carbon Fuel Standard
CASA and nearly 60 producers and providers of clean fuels signed a joint letter urging state policymakers to sustain the state's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) policy. The LCFS calls for reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuels 10 percent by 2020. The coalition argues that LCFS is working as planned and we encourage the production of cost-effective, cleaner, lower carbon fuels. Read the letter... 
Agency News
Congratulations to Sharon Green of Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County on winning the NACWA President's Award! Sharon received the award for her contributions to the association's legislative and regulatory programs during a ceremony at NACWA's Utility Leadership Conference in Denver on July 11.

Energy Audit Validates Orange County Sanitation District's (OCSD) Efficiency

Energy costs account for approximately 12 percent of the Operation & Maintenance Department's budget, so OCSD's staff pays close attention to energy efficiency. Recently, The Energy Network (TEN) conducted a comprehensive energy audit of OCSD operations. TEN is funded by the California Public Utilities Commission and Southern California Edison. The findings validated OCSD's energy management program. Of the 50 areas reviewed for potential energy savings, the audit found only one significant opportunity, upgrading to LED lighting technology. This upgrade will be performed during planned capital improvement projects. 
Mixed Bag
Free Webinar on Form 700
California rules require public officials to keep track and report gifts (over $50) received throughout the year. It is critical to understand how to accurately complete Form 700. A free July 27 webinar, presented by 
Meyers Nave's statewide Municipal and Special District Law Practice Group, will provide information to help explain how to account for gifts, financial holdings, donations, and more.  Learn more... 

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