Scudner Elected Chairman of USA Table Tennis Board
(USA Table Tennis) The Board of Directors of USA Table Tennis elected Peter Scudner as their new Chairman for the next two year term. Scudner, who returns to the position of Chairman which he held from 2008 to 2012, succeeds out-going Chairman Michael Baubin, who completed his two year term. 

Scudner is a Senior Vice President/Wealth Management with Janney Montgomery Scott, where he specializes as a strategic adviser for high net-worth individuals and business owners and consultant to his team's corporate clients. He is a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) and Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS). During his 30 years in financial services he has held a variety of management positions in New York City, Philadelphia, PA, Washington...Read More


Westchester Table Tennis Club To Host 2014 NA Tour Finals
(USA Table Tennis) USA Table Tennis, the Westchester Table Tennis Center, and the North American Table Tennis Tour are excited to announce the Grand Finals of the 2014 North American Tour, taking place February 6-8 in Pleasantville, NY. 

The 16 invited players, who earned their positions via 25 elite tournaments around the country last year, will be competing for over $10,000 in cash prizes. Tour leader Kai Zhang, 17, of the Westchester TTC -- a sophomore at Pleasantville High School -- will head the field. His competition includes: North American champion Eugene Wang (Victoria, BC), U.S. champion Jimmy Butler (Houston, TX), and 12-year-old Crystal Wang (Boyds, MD), who recently won a bronze medal at the World Championships' junior team event... Read More   Flyer   Program

Iraqi Teen Finds Table Tennis Home In Maine

(Portland Press Herald) Maine's new table tennis champion is playing with some of the best this week in New York.


Fouad Abdullah, 20, who lives in Westbrook with his parents and younger brother and sister, is a guest of the Westchester Table Tennis Center, owned by Will Shortz, who is The New York Times' crossword puzzle editor.


Fouad Abdullah will likely have to seek a higher level of competition out of state, a competitor said last month, because "he's already better than anybody here."  

Abdullah, who arrived in Maine in August and doesn't speak much English, was a member of the national table tennis team... Read More  Watch Video 

India Community Center Key To U.S. Table Tennis Success

(The Times of India) Remember Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump in the 1994 classic beating his Chinese rival in a game of 'ping-pong' played in front of a picture of Mao Tse-tung?

Well, that's part of an American dream that could only be realized on screen, but things seem to be changing now.

The US is finally challenging the hegemony of the Chinese in table tennis, and there is a strong Indian connect to it. The Indian Community Center (ICC) in California runs a TT academy, which has produced players of repute....  Read More 


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"Virtual" Table Tennis Drops The Ball On Health Benefits

(Medical Press) Children playing table tennis on a game console move their arms faster and further than those playing in real life but miss out on the development of key gross motor skills, according to a WA study.


The research analyzed the movements of 10 to 12-year-old children playing table tennis on Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect and Sony Move and compared them to children playing table tennis in the real world.


Curtin University School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science...Read More  


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"Bionic Man" Navin Kumar Beats The Odds Through Table Tennis

(USA Table Tennis) Faced with major challenges - five heart surgeries, a mechanical heart and Parkinson's Disease - Navin Kumar believes that the sport of table tennis has played a major role not only in helping him survive but helping him to actually improve his health. 


41 years ago Navin was born with a congenital heart condition that has required five major open-heart surgeries to correct the condition. "I should have died within the first year or two of my life based on the condition I was born with but my entire life has been dedicated to defying the odds; I'm blessed with wonderful family...Read More 


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Twenty (or so) Questions With U.S. National Champion Jim Butler

(USA Table Tennis) USATT: Jimmy Butler, this year for you has been insane!  Making the World Team, dominating all the senior events everywhere, winning the Southern Open (with leg cramps), and now the US Men's Singles crown!  For the benefit of your new fans, let's start at the beginning of your comeback as we look back at the incredible year. Ok, let's go, what caused you to retire in 1998 as a 27-year old?


Jimmy Butler: In 1998 my body was over-run with chronic pain and injury issues.  I was born with moderate scoliosis of my spine.  Anyone that has a crooked spine means their muscles are alarmingly stiff... Read More  View Slideshow  


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Dynamic Table Tennis (Brian Pace)
Basic Scoring Rules - Watch Video 
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The Forehand Tomahawk Serve - Watch Video

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The Culture of Table Tennis in the United States
( - Larry Hodges) -  As I help set up the Capital Area Super League (with Mike Levene and Stefano Ratti the primary movers and creators, using their experience from playing in leagues in England and Italy), one thing that keeps jumping out is the culture of table tennis in America. It's quite different from the table tennis culture in more successful countries.
For one thing, we have a rating-obsessed culture in USATT, where often little else matters other than the almighty rating. What's the goal of most tournament players in the U.S., win an event or gain rating points? Since most players focus on playing in higher events in the hopes of pulling off an upset, while avoiding the lower ones (i.e. the ones they might win) in order to avoid getting upset...Read More


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