Have Carpeting Challenges?
Different Strategies are Needed for Different Issues! 
The "Myths in Commercial Carpet Cleaning" series is complete. If you missed it, visit the Archives at www.nulifecarpetcare.com.
This newsletter will explore the importance of using proper methods to address:
  • 1: Routine Cleaning for Grit (e.g., sand, soil)
  • 2: Cleaning for Spot Removal (e.g., beverage/food spills, oil, paint, urine)
  • 3: Cleaning for Stain Remediation (e.g., food dye, bleach)
Using Proper Cleaning Methods for Different Situations

1. Dry Soil

2. Spots

3. Stains
Micro-grit such as sand, soil, asphalt, etc.
Spills, leaks, transfers of coffee, pop/juice, water, food, paint, glue, oils, grease, vomit, urine, feces, etc.
Colour change or colour loss due to food/drink dyes, biological contaminants, bleach, etc.
Large volumes.
Dry soil hides in carpet.
Dry soil left embedded for long periods will damage carpet fibres and backing.
Objective: Get it out dry!
Using "wet" methods and utilizing weak extractors (such as portables) can create damage.
Smaller, isolated incidents, often an eye-sore.
Objective: Remove as much as possible without a significant negative effect on the carpet.
Results can be immediate OR may require diligent attention over several attempts.
Smaller, isolated incidents sometimes the cause of irreversible damage to carpet fibres.
Objective: Minimize the negative effect on the carpet. Results are variable to each situation.
Cleaning procedures are pre-determined and generally straight-forward.
Cleaning procedures and chemistry are unique to each situation and can be complex!
Consider these factors:
Amount, penetration, components of intrusion, temperature, organics, viscosity, etc.
Cleaning procedures and chemistry are often complex and involve:
1) physically removing as much as possible
2) molecularly changing the intrusion with oxidizing or reducing agents.
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