Assessing Quality and Value in Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Myths Exposed - Part 4 of 4
The last 3 newsletters addressed Myth 1, 2 & 3 (see Archives). 
  •  Myth 1: Portables Are Acceptable - NO.
  • Myth 2: Pile Lifting is Useful - NO
  • Myth 3: Any Service Provider can "Add On" Carpet Cleaning - NO
This newsletter continues the Myth series with Myth 4. 

Myth 4: Low Price Creates Value -- NO 
Any service provider can quote low on carpet cleaning and deliver a cleaning job commensurate with their quote. There are some service providers who want to do things differently. They want to charge a balanced price and go the extra mile to create a customer care program and high quality results that will be of far greater value over the long term. Nu-Life Carpet Care always opts for the value approach.  
Why should you pay for a value service when a budget cleaner can usually produce satisfactory visual results over the short term? Here are a few of the benefits of Nu-Life's value service proposition:
  • High quality, value cleaning lasts longer! The carpet texture will be revitalized and the structural integrity of the carpet will be protected.
  •  Your carpet will NOT re-soil on its own. Oily substances, sugars and other unseen residues cause carpet to re-soil quickly with marginal cleaning-this will not happen with Nu-Life.
  •  Our technicians are well-trained, IICRC-certified and highly experienced. Because our senior technicians have been with us for many years, they have diverse experience with many types of carpeting and difficult spot-removal situations. Our technicians are alert and courteous. Our equipment is actual commercial-grade equipment, maintained to peak performance.
  •  We provide you with a Soil Recovery Report! This report tells you the weight of the dirt we removed from your carpeting. See your trends over time-so we can tailor a program, and how you compare to the "norm." No other carpet cleaning company does this-Nu-Life is unique and different!
The most effective way to keep costs down is to recognize the cost/value principle. Low cost cleaning ultimately produces low value. Increase the value of your investment - spend a little more -- get MUCH greater value, saving money in the long run!
Lastly, low cost cleaning commonly results in businesses and property managers & their boards having to repeatedly search for a new carpet cleaning company. Nu-Life believes in building relationships-we are recognized as a superior carpet cleaning company and want to be accountable to you! We respect your budget and will work with you to tailor a value service plan! Call 403-275-7974.

Our Vision
Built on a strong foundation of innovation and trust, we continue to be recognized and serve as one of the most respected and reputable commercial carpet cleaning companies in Calgary.
"I have been using Nu-Life Carpet Care for about 3 years now on a number of properties that I manage. Firstly, they give quotes with a quick response time, something very important to property managers. Their work is exemplary - they arrive when they say they will and do a great job. I'm happy to recommend them to anyone who wants terrific service and results at a reasonable price."
N.B., Property Manager
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