Assessing Quality and Value in Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Myths Exposed - Part 3 of 4
Our last 2 newsletters addressed Myth 1 & 2 (see Archives).
 Myth 1: Portables Are Acceptable - NO.

Myth 2: Pile Lifting is Useful - NO.

This newsletter continues with Myth 3. 

Myth 3: Any Service Provider can "Add On" Carpeting Cleaning -- NO


True technicians must not only be IICRC certified, but must display conscious intention. Producing real results and value for clients is about much more than "pushing a machine around."

Properly qualified technicians must have field experience specific to the requirements of professional carpet cleaning. They know how to maintain carpet integrity while implementing the appropriate cleaning methods for the situation. They will not introduce secondary damage. (Secondary damage is more common in commercial cleaning than you think.)

True technicians must also be aware of their surroundings and attentive to client-specific requirements. They must produce a consistently high quality of workmanship, and take into account building security, respect for your environment, minimal intrusion, low noise, etc.

Nu-Life Carpet Care employs people of high character and trains only true professional carpet cleaning technicians. They have the knowledge and experience to provide the best results and value. And we will ALWAYS provide this... Guaranteed! Low-cost, "add-on" carpeting cleaning is often a red flag. Be sure to check out your provider's qualifications!    


Nu-Life Carpet Care uses its proprietary Dual Stage Process for commercial carpet cleaning. This GREEN technology will extend the life and look of your carpet guaranteed.  It provides clients with the best value!   (Ask us for details.)

"On Friday, 6 February 2015, I was in total awe of the fantastic service that I received from NULIFE carpet care in removing tape residue left behind on our carpet in the condo.

Of noteworthy mention, was the highly professional staff that attended to my initial enquiry  - from the Office Administrator constantly keeping me informed of the steps taken to ensure that the correct chemicals be used at the best pricing, down to the carpet professionals, who were committed to effectively removing the marks.

I have dealt with many "carpet care" companies, but none have displayed the professionalism and care taken to ensure the quality of the carpet remained intact. Thank you for the exceptional results - I am incredibly pleased with the service received."  

MvL. (client)


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