Assessing Quality and Value in Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Myths Exposed - Part 2 of 4
Our last newsletter addressed Myth 1: Portables Are Acceptable - NO. 
This newsletter will focus on Pile Lifters.

2) Pile Lifting is Useful -- NO


Pile lifting has a very specific purpose: to manipulate and texture carpet yarn to remove embedded particulate soils. Most commercial carpet has a short, loop pile, making traditional pile lifters ineffective. Embedded dry soil must be removed to maximize the aesthetics and longevity of the carpet. That is why Nu-Life Carpet Care uses a system called "PowerVac".

PowerVac effectively removes dry soil from commercial carpeting-at a rate of 5-10 times that of other methods. We provide you with a Soil Recovery Report so that you can assess the quality of your cleaning! This is invaluable! We evaluate your cleaning requirements with data from your building, and customize your cleaning so you only pay for what you need! If you ask other service providers for a "Dry Soil Recovery Report", they won't have enough dry soil to measure!                                 



Nu-Life Carpet Care uses its proprietary Dual Stage Process for commercial carpet cleaning. This GREEN technology will extend the life and look of your carpet guaranteed.  It provides clients with the best value!   (Ask us for details.)

"Thank you for always offering excellent service to my clients. They have always been impressed with your services, state of the art techniques, price, professionalism and proven results. You have also been accommodating in your availability to meet with boards and handle each and every one of their concerns with precision and to their utmost satisfaction."

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