Assessing Quality and Value in Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Myths Exposed - Part 1 of 4
1) Portables Are Acceptable -- NO


Portables are widely used on commercial carpet because access with truck-mounted equipment is difficult or the service company does not own truck-mounted equipment.


WARNING: Portable extractors cannot do the job you expect. In fact, they may cause more harm than good. Water extraction machines must balance water flow with extraction (or suction). When limited water is used with portables, there will be very little effective cleaning taking place. However, when extra water is used, proper extraction becomes compromised. This leads to over-wetting, compacted dry soils, and structural damage to the carpet. While using high strength cleaning soaps can create the appearance of "clean," they WILL lead to problems in the near future. In a nutshell, portables rely on 15 amps to provide the essentials needed, including HEAT, SUCTION, WATER PRESSURE and WATER VOLUME. 15 amps are not enough! Did you know that many portable extractors do not even have a heater? This method of cleaning carpet should not be used at all. It often results in a negative effect. Don't waste your money-ensure your service provider IS NOT using portables!


NOTE: Truck-mounted Steam Cleaning was designed for cleaning residential carpet. The crossover to commercial carpet cleaning is a "borrowed" approach. Smaller buildings can be cleaned this way when there is no power loss due to excessive distance between the cleaning tools and the truck-mount. But be aware of these other issues:                                   

  • Building security: Hoses are drawn through open building doors.
  • Noise: Truck-mounts make noise. This is very intrusive in a condominium setting.
  • Tripping hazard: Hoses become bunched and coiled up in narrow halls and landings.
  • Odours: Pre-sprays are required with steam cleaning, which create odours not easily vented.
  • Over-wetting potential: In remote areas of the building, where a significant length of extraction hose is needed, over-wetting can occur. This can contribute to delamination of carpet.


Nu-Life Carpet Care uses its proprietary Dual Stage Process for commercial carpet cleaning. This green technology will extend the life and look of your carpet guaranteed.  It provides clients with the best value!   (Ask us for details.)

"It is my pleasure to recommend the Carpet Cleaning service by Nu Life Carpet Care. During the past six years, our team has worked directly with Pat Nickel, General Manager of Nu Life, on numerous carpet cleaning projects with our condominiums. The company offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work. We believe that their knowledge and communication strategies led to that success. "

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