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August 2013
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1908 - Fernie BC - Coal mining town of Fernie destroyed by fire.

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What did one hat say to the other?


You stay here, I'll go on ahead



Your Dry Soil Recovery Report (for clients only)



All commercial clients are provided with a soil recovery report. As much fun as it is to judge your cleaning results by seeing how dirty the recovery water is, this method has no accuracy and is not an indicator of successful cleaning. Nu-Life Carpet Care recovers soil in its dry state. This process is gentle on the carpet and provides accurate data. We can evaluate your results over time, observing the trend of soil intrusion and removal. This ensures that your general "soil load" never gets too high. Your carpet will outperform its expected life span.  


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Book a free demonstration with your condo board*
(free soil load analysis included)

The service is...No fuss, no muss - responsible and flexible. I like the maintenance care aspect. I also appreciate the friendliness and approachability of all the staff. Thanks! J.W., Riverwest Condos 

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