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 It Takes Resource to Produce Quality Commercial Carpet Cleaning!


Evaluation for your quote is more than just determining square footage!



  • Efficient entry with no compromise of security
  • Determine availability of fresh water
  • Establish appropriate location for the purging of waste water
  • Ascertain location of electrical/mechanical areas


  • Determine type of carpet/backing/yarn/construction
  • Assess structural condition of the carpet
  • Evaluate carpet for any pre-existing conditions such as delamination, rippling, open seams, burns, cuts & tears

Carpet Installation

  • Determine type of installation
  • Assess border inserts
  • Identify any areas of compromised substrate 

Soiling Conditions

  • Assess soiling conditions to help determine cleaning procedure & scheduling, etc.
  • Evaluate general dry soil load
  • Assess spots/stains, etc. - may indicate the need for a subsequent visit to the site following the initial cleaning
  • Note suggested recommendations going forward 

Adequate parking

  • Ergonomics of set-up (moving equipment, etc. into the building)
  • Contributes to organized work flow


Your conscientious, experienced carpet cleaner will properly evaluate these items to produce the best result, and will also provide recommendations for good maintenance, scheduling, etc.


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"Thank you Nulife Carpetcare for all your hard work at my properties, it is much appreciated! The carpets have never looked better and it is an absolute joy to work with a company so dedicated and organized!"


Thanks again!"

J.C. Property Manager

If you have had service from Nu-Life Carpet Care and would like to share your experience with us, we`d love to hear from you so please drop us a line at

*All names will be kept confidential.