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Unlike some janitorial services that see carpet cleaning as an add-on for revenue purposes, Nu-Life Carpet Care is a dedicated fibre cleaning company, surpassing industry standards. Our expert staff will bring new life to your carpets.

Did you know?

Commercial and residential carpeting are used differently and attract different types of dirt and soil. For the best results, they should be cleaned differently, too.


While some spills and residues exist on commercial carpeting, the majority of the damage to commercial carpet fibres is caused by micro-grit - (sandy soils) brought in on shoes.


Using a traditional "wet" method to clean commercial carpeting is not usually best for the client: What happens when you add water to dirt? You end up with sludge, or mud. If you do not completely remove the resulting sludge, you end up with a hard mud-pack sitting at the base of the carpet. Not a good result.


That's why Nu-Life uses a proprietary Dual Stage Process for commercial cleaning: First, the grit is extracted DRY, using a proprietary recovery system. This soil is weighed and reported back to the client.  (Nu-Life Soil Recovery Report). This report provides actual data for quality and frequency annalysis. This dry soil recovery is then immediately followed up with a low-moisture encapsulation process to eradicate the spills and residues.

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