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 I have lots of wonderful opportunities for couples to develop stronger bonds, feel more loving with each other and create lasting and loving feelings, all with the help of the most intuitive and beautiful animals on earth:  horses.
Why horses?
Horses are very in tune with their surroundings including people.  As prey animals, they are always on the alert for what could be danger.  They are also very sensitive and attentive to the herd. Think about how those things can help you as a couple.  These are just examples of some of the lessons we can learn to apply to our relationships to make them better.
Horses are sensitive and supportive, honest and in the moment.  They don't look at the past to figure out why they are the way they are, they just are.  They don't worry about the future, they just live in the now.  Could we learn from that?
Come on retreat with me and let's learn through the magic of horses how to love better, deeper and more.  I invite you to take the plunge and register you and your loved one for this life changing experience.

Overnight Couple's Retreat Weekend at

Southern Cross

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This is your top of the line couple's extravaganza!  Not only do you get to do horse activities, but in addition you get to experience massages, chocolate covered strawberries, cuddling with each other, beautiful bonfire in the field with the horses and more!   Stay in a lovely B&B with pool, game room, bikes, hot tub and horses!  
You are the only couple on the retreat so it is totally private and all about you!  This is a 3 day, 2 night experience you won't forget!
Dates based upon your choice and availability.


Price:  $1999.00 per couple

Totally all inclusive.


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  Day Couple's Retreat

at Southern Cross

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For a more affordable price yet with all the amenities of the ranch, do a one day retreat.  This retreat includes 2 horseback activities, a ring activity and a ride through their 6 miles of trails.   Lunch and dinner will be included.  There will be other activities to enhance your relationship during this special one day retreat.
   couples riding sunset

Dates based upon your choice and availability. 

Price:  $499.00 per couple

Totally all inclusive.


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  Retreat Activity Options     

  • Time alone just "being" instead of doing.
  • Creative visualization of your future together followed up with a couple's dream board.
  • Assigned "cuddling."
  • Special meditations for couples
  • Bonfire in the field with the horses  to burn away unwanted things in your relationship
  • Activities you do with the horses as a couple to experience a closer relationship
  • Special readings while riding with questions to delve deeper into your love for each other.
  • Massages or spa day optional activities at an additional cost  bonfire  

For cancellations 7-30 days prior to arrival, deposits are 50% refundable, and less than 7 days are nonrefundable. This policy applies for cancellations or postponements made for any reason.


Rider Requirements: 

Weight restrictions exist for riders who weigh 250 pounds (113 kg) or more. If anyone in your party is over 250 pounds, please contact me for more information. All riders must also be physically and mentally fit to ride a horse to participate in our riding program. We must reserve the right to deny riding to anyone.


Smoking Allowed in outdoor areas only at Southern Cross - Smoking in guestrooms of Southern Cross is not permitted.  No smoking at Greenridge Stables.

Special diets accommodated at Southern Cross. 


Prices expire 12/31/2013

I would love to provide you and your
loved one a retreat that won't be forgotten!  
Memory making is my specialty.  
Zak and T kiss
To your health, happiness and horses,       

Teresa Wolf  

Certified Retreat Coach 

Equine Facilitator

Your Chosen Path Coaching


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