March 2013

An Introduction from the Head of School
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Dear New Blyth Parents & Students,


As Head of School, Blyth Academy, Ottawa, it is my pleasure to both

introduce myself to you and say a few things about our new school. I have been part of the post-secondary educational system in Ontario and elsewhere as both a professor of English literature and a university administrator for over thirty-five years


I am very excited about Blyth Academy, Ottawa and the part I have been asked to play in this new initiative. Our Ottawa Academy is situated in a venue that looks not at all like a traditional school; I see it as more like a large and welcoming house. The Academy's primary goal is the success of our students through their full participation in the educational enterprise. To that end we have kept class sizes small, on average fewer than eight students per class. In addition, our classrooms are designed in such a way that there are no back rows. Our students learn interactively by sitting around a common table with the teacher in their midst. Such a structure encourages every student to engage in the learning process and to share their views with their peers and their teachers. Our academic standards are high but fair; students are expected to come to class prepared and interested in fully participating in their studies. It has always been my belief that learning is its own reward and that hard work can be both exhilarating and fulfilling.


Blyth Academy offers students something special: the opportunity to learn about their world, and, as important, themselves.


I look forward to meeting parents and students soon. Please note we will be hosting a before summer get together for parents and students to get to know our administrative team and become familiar with the new location. The date will be confirmed soon.




Douglas Parker

Campus Work to Date
Ottawa Blyth
In December, we acquired our new Blyth Academy Ottawa location in Westboro. Located behind the Mountain Equipment Co-op at 352 Danforth Ave, we have over 4,500 square feet to turn into a second home for our students. 


Since December, we have been busy painting and furnishing the school. Our vision is to reflect a flexible learning environment that models new age work environments which means having an open and light space to work in with few visual distractions. The surfaces and spaces that we have selected enable and facilitate collaboration and learning. Michael Crabtree, head designer and owner of MacdGallery has been helping us create this space.

We also have named our rooms after Canada's provinces reflecting the qualities of the city we live, learn and work in being the nation's capital. Don't be surprised when your child comes home saying they were hanging out in the Northwest Terrorities which is going to be a our student common area!

Update from Guidance

Hello, I am Jessica Grass, the new Head of Guidance at Blyth Academy Ottawa. My background is varied in terms of working in the private sector for over 10 years in marketing and communications and now for the last 6 years working in the education field. I have my Masters of Science in Teaching from SUNY Potsdam, New York and my M.ed. in Educational Counselling from Ottawa University. My varied experience has prepared me to advise students on how to be life ready. I believe my role is to help students understand the current job climate and how they should align their career interests with their lifestyle goals when making decisions about their future. I will soon be contacting our registered full time students to come in and chat with me about their future goals which will affect their course selections for the fall particularly those in grades 11 & 12.


I look forward to meeting everyone and if you have any questions in the interim, please don't hesitate to contact me at


Current Program Offerings

Blyth Academy Ottawa has been delivering its unique education model since January 2013 to a select group of students. Currently, we are offering private courses to students where they can do reach ahead for supplementary credits. These students have enjoyed the intense learning cycle that Blyth offers in completing a course in 7-8 weeks. It has allowed them to be fully immersed in the learning process in addition to being matched with a teacher that matches their learning style and can meet their learning needs.


If interested in learning more about our private courses or starting one, please contact Jessica, Head of Guidance, at


We are also enrolling for Summer School and if interested, click here to apply.

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