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RUPCO Inspires Over 500 Home Energy Upgrades
Since the Program's Beginning in 2011:
Total Residents Referred to NYSERDA:           6,582
Total Home Energy Assessments Completed: 2,409
Total Home Energy Retrofits Completed:         565
Carbon Dioxide Reduction:                     18,570 Tons
Equivalent to 40,374,893 less vehicle miles traveled
Or, 3,558 less passenger vehicles driven for one year.
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Homeowner Success Story: Jess Bernstein

Jess Bernstein qualified for the EmPower New York Program, which provides free energy efficiency services for qualified residents.
"I owe you, RUPCO Green Jobs - Green New York, Global Dwelling, and the NYS EmPower program an enormous debt of gratitude. The auditor from EmPower came to assess the work Global Dwelling did, improving my house's efficiency. The insulation they put in decreased the air flow out of my house by almost 50%!
More importantly, it's now a chilly 32 degrees outside. It's been snowing and raining on and off for the past 24 hours, and the wind was howling like crazy all afternoon. The only heat source I've had on is my pellet stove, which is set to 61 degrees, yet the thermostat in my living room reads a toasty 70. The new insulation is like a blanket wrapped around my house; now I don't have to walk around the house wearing one myself (plus a hat, three layers of clothing, and down booties). Not only will this save me a boatload of money, it has already vastly improved my quality of life. I can't thank you enough."
Another NYSERDA Program, the Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star Subsidy, provides a 50% discount on installation of qualifying energy efficiency upgrades up to $4,000 for single family homes and up to $8,000 for 2-4 unit homes. To see if you qualify for this subsidy, click here to go to our to Additional Resource
RUPCO Green Jobs - Green NY Celebrates Home Performance Contractors and Community Partners

RUPCO, Home Performance Contractors and community partners work hard to help homeowners get started and complete home energy efficiency upgrades through the NYSERDA Home Performance Program. RUPCO celebrated these contractors and partners on Friday, December 2 at Frank Guido's Little Italy at the Third Annual Contractor Mixer.
We recognized the following with awards for their acheivements:

Ulster County  
Highest Performing County in the Mid-Hudson Region (outside of Westchester County)
Accepted by Suzanne Holt, Director, Office of Economic Development accepted on behalf of County Executive Mike Hein
Completed Energy Assessments:  1,586
Work Scopes Approved or Completed:  605

City of Kingston, NY
Highest Performing Municipal Partner
Accepted by Mayor Steve Noble and Environmental Education 
and Sustainability Coordinator Julie Noble
Completed Energy Assessments:  334
Work Scopes Approved or Completed:  122
Sigma-Tremblay LLC
Highest Performing Contractor Partner
Referrals: 190  
Retrofits: 71
Accepted by John Tremblay, Owner; Mike Bennett, Building Analyst John Pfeiffer, Building Analyst

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