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December 2014

Hannukah celebration at Woodstock Commons
Christmas tree at The Kirkland
Christmas at The Kirkland
Magic of the Season 2014
VIDEO: Magic of the Season 2014

Presto ~ It's Magic!
Over 30 senior and special needs residents from Tongore Pines, Park Heights, The Kirkland, Woodstock Commons, and The Stuyvesant celebrated the "Magic of the Season" on December 16. Magician Peter Samelson provided the mesmerizing entertainment with Mangia & Enjoy catering the luncheon. Thanks to our property service providers for sponsoring this special gathering, a first for RUPCO residents.
Give a Fin

Give a Fin to the Emergency Assistance FundRUPCO's Emergency Assistance Fund helps over 100 families each year by transitioning homeless families, mostly staying in motels and shelters, back into the community.  In September 2014, RUPCO lost this important funding resource from NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.  However, Emergency Assistance demand remains high. RUPCO receives 10-15 requests each week for help with one-month back-rent and security deposit assistance to help homeless people move out of emergency housing sites. Since October, United Way and Bruderhof Communities have generously provided some support to bridge the winter months in Ulster County. You can help too by making a $5 donation online today. If 100 of us "Give a Fin," we can help at least one family establish a stable home address in 2015.

Rental Assistance Uptick
Application Support Day + Coat Drive = Huge Success
RUPCO opened the Housing Choice Voucher Program (aka Section 8) Wait List on November 17, offering applications in both English and Spanish. The last time RUPCO opened the Wait List was 2011. To help applicants through the process and paperwork, RUPCO held three Application Support Days at The Kirkland. To encourage turnout, RUPCO teamed up with FidelisCare's Winter Coat Giveaway and Healthcare is a Human Right on December 11. By the December 12th deadline, RUPCO had received 1,872 applications; 1,200 of those were selected by random computer generated lottery. NYS Homes & Community Renewal heard demand was high and allowed RUPCO to use another 100 vouchers to meet the need. In 2014, Housing Choice Vouchers administered by RUPCO went to 1,450 households with 1,631 dependents, benefiting 3,081 people total. One third of all vouchers are used by seniors, another third by disabled persons. Of all recipients, 75% earn less than 30% of Ulster County's Average Median Income, currently $21,400 for a family of four.
Workshops for New Homeowners
City of Kingston entices first-time homebuyers

Is homeownership right for you? RUPCO's HomeOwnership Center released its 2015 schedule for first-time homebuyer workshops. If you are considering a house purchase in 2015, attend a one-hour orientation at The Kirkland, 2 Main Street, Kingston, at 6 p.m. on January 5 and 21, February 11 and 23, March 11 and 23. Register online here or call (845) 331-2140, ext. 220 for more information.


Two additional three-hour classes prepare you for the home purchase process. Many grants are available to cover expenses associated with down payments, closing costs, and post-closing rehabilitation. For example, RUPCO is also administering $350,000 in funding on behalf of the City of Kingston for first-time homebuyers within the City limits. City of Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo made the announcement earlier this month.

Homeownership Class Opens Door
RUPCO Storytelling - Laura
After Laura Heady took the orientation workshop and First-time Homebuyer classes, she landed a home purchase and mortgage in the same ballpark as her rent threshold. Watch the video here to find out how Laura worked with RUPCO to make her #NewAmericanDream come true.
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39a Johnston St., Newburgh
RUPCO and the Newburgh Community Land Bank plan to rebuild community one block at a time.
Jessica Fillmore talks about the grants that helped make her a first-time homebuyer in the City of Kingston. Thanks to first-time homebuyers Jessica Fillmore (pictured here) and Donna Szpulecki for sharing their stories on the City of Kingston grant.
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