Oregon Tea Party                                                                                              March 2013

Tired of the liberal agenda in public schools?  Disgusted with the cancerous growth of bureaucracies and regulations?  Frustrated with the constant assault on individual and property rights?  Here's your chance to make a difference!  
On May 21st, a special election will be held to for local school boards, water districts, fire districts, and more.  These seats are often ignored by conservatives (some candidates even run unchallenged!), but they have a HUGE impact on your rights as a parent, property owner and taxpayer!  

Time is running out.  The deadline to apply is MARCH 21st.   We need patriots to step up and take back our liberties, one city, county and state at a time!  

Are you ready to make a difference?  

1. Go to your county website or office and find out which positions are up for election. (Example: Multnomah County

2. Contact your county GOP office for candidate training and assistance.   

3. Partner with a local chapter of grassroots activists who can help support you in your campaign!  

4. Submit your candidate application BY MARCH 21st!   

5. Drop by the Oregon Tea Party Facebook page to introduce yourself to like-minded patriots and promote your candidacy!  

Let's get off the bench and take back our liberties!  


Oregon Tea Party
OR Citizen Journalists Take Lying Gun Grabbers To Task

All hands on deck!  Legislators in Salem are waging a multi-front war on Oregonian gun rights. Sign up for action alerts from the Oregon Firearms Federation and help protect the fundamental right to self-defense!

2nd Amendment

Tea Party Republicans Show How It's Done

GOP vs. Tea Party

The political world changed its orbit Wednesday as Rand Paul seized the spotlight in his March 6 filibuster.  Paul unveiled a conservative answer to the Left's Saul Alinsky tactics. 
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Sequester Brings Ruling Class Hysteria Over 2% Spending Reduction
Money Waste Maximizing sequestration pain for political gain: White House instructs agencies to make sure cuts are as painful as Obama promised they would be. Read More >>
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The Fight For Liberty In Oregon
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House vs. Senate Budgets 2013


Proposed Dem Budget Increases Spending 62% Over Next Decade

Democrats' budget plan seeks $1.5 trillion tax hike, plus 10-year spending boost


Confirmed: Senate Democrats' Budget Accelerates Spending, Never Balances


The Ryan budget: A start, but not an end

Sarah Palin - CPAC 2013

 Lt. Col. Allen West - CPAC 2013
NRA's Wayne LaPierre - CPAC 2013
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