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Organic Insect Control for Your Lawn
June 2014

Summer is officially here which means the bugs are back!  Insects like ants, ticks, fleas and chinch bugs tend to wreck havoc in the summertime and ruin your picnics.  Now you have a way to fight these pests organically.  Read more on how to keep your picnics bug free this summer.
Controlling insects organically

Organic Insect Control Many homeowners are looking for alternatives for pest control that are safe to use around children and pets but are effective.  Jonathan Green's brand new Organic Insect Control will kill and repel over 100 insect pests including ticks, ants, fleas, chinch bugs and more.  It contains a patented blend of organic plant oils that only affect insects and have no adverse effect on mammals, birds or fish.  It is even safe to use around honeybees!  Use Organic Insect Control on your lawn, in your landscape beds and around the perimeter of your home.  With strong repellent characteristics, this product will not only kill bugs it will deter new ones from coming into the treated area.  For best results do not water in after applying.  This product will not control grubs.

For even more information on Organic Insect Control check out the latest online edition of the Gardener News here!
Can I fertilize my lawn in the summer?
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If you fertilized your lawn this spring your lawn is now ready for another feeding.  Summer can be one of the most stressful times on the lawn because of heat, humidity, drought, increased insect activity and fungus diseases.  A gentle feeding during summer months helps to keep your lawn healthy and growing.  It also continues to build the health of the soil by encouraging the soil life.  We recommend using one of our organic lawn fertilizers like Natural Beauty 10-0-1 or Organic Lawn Fertilizer 8-3-1.  In addition to one of these fertilizers an application of Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil continues to improve the soil and stimulate microbial activity.  All of these products are safe to use around kids and pets and contain high quality organic ingredients.  Remember for best results be sure to water in after applying. 

To learn more about caring for your lawn in the summertime click here!
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New American Lawn Guide
New American Lawn Guide
Just like every person is unique and different so are your lawns.  Every lawn has a different need whether it be seeding, weed control or insect damage.  To help your plan your lawn care program not only for this spring but for the entire year download our updated New American Lawn Guide.  This handy guide will help you determine what your particular lawn care needs are for each season

To download the guide visit www.newamericanlawn.com.
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