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Time to Grow a Beautiful Lawn
April 2014

Now is the time to grow the lawn you have always wanted.  And let's face it you deserve a great lawn after the rough winter we just went through.  By focusing on a few key elements like the health of the soil, you will soon be growing a dark, green lawn you can be proud of.  It is time to break out of the mentality that there are just four easy steps to a great lawn.  Every lawn is unique and Jonathan Green's New American Lawn plan will help you have a lawn that you can enjoy all season long.
Healthy soil is the key to a beautiful lawn

Is your soil hard and compacted?  Have you had trouble growing grass in the past?  Is your yard prone to bare spots, weeds, insects and other diseases?  The key to having a beautiful lawn is to treat the soil.  When your soil is healthy it is loose and crumbly which allows air and moisture to move through freely.  When the soil is hard and compact it makes it difficult for grass roots to grow.  Unhealthy soil also promotes problems like weeds and bare spots. 

The best way to fix this is to apply Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil to your lawn twice a year.  We recommend once in the spring and once in the fall.  This all organic product will help stimulate the microbes that are naturally in the soil and improve the overall quality of the soil.  Want to know more?  Check out the video below:

Healthy soil is the key to a beautiful lawn
Love your lawn? Then love your soil!

Controlling crabgrass this spring

Every spring the biggest lawn issue our homeowners have to face is crabgrass.  Crabgrass can seem to take over a lawn and can be very discouraging.  Since you have been following our New American Lawn plan you know that there is a solution to your problems.  Start by seeding first this spring with Black Beauty grass seed.  Then do an application of Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil and Mag-I-Cal.  Once your new grass has been mowed 2-3 times you can consider applying Crabgrass Preventer plus Green-Up Lawn Fertilizer.  This product will control crabgrass both before and after it germinates!  And since crabgrass does not begin to germinate until late spring there is no need to apply it earlier.  Remember crabgrass does not grow in the shade so do not waste the time or money on applying the control in those areas.  To learn more check out the helpful video below: 

Controlling Crabgrass in the Lawn
Controlling Crabgrass in the Lawn

Spring Savings

Jonathan Green has several valuable gift coupons available this spring.  This gift coupons are available at your local Jonathan Green retailer and online.  There is an offer available for any Jonathan Green product you purchase this spring so be sure to send yours in today.  

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New American Lawn Guide
New American Lawn Guide
Just like every person is unique and different so are your lawns.  Each lawn has a different need whether it be seeding, weed control or insect damage.  To help your plan your lawn care program not only for this spring but for the entire year download our updated New American Lawn Guide.  This handy guide will help you determine what your particular lawn care needs are for each season

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Want to win a $50 gift coupon?

House and lawn From March-October we are asking you to upload a picture of your lawn for the chance to win!  Each month a winner will be chosen and will receive a $50 gift coupon to use at their local Jonathan Green retail store.  This gift coupon can be used on anything in that store.  At the end of the year one grand prize winner will receive a $500 gift coupon and a New American Lawn product kit! 

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Jonathan Green Family Spotlight
Young author
Kelly Pretz, Author

Jonathan Green is a family business and we are proud to spotlight one of our youngest family members.  Kelly Pretz is a descendent of Jonathan Green and is a talented writer.  Kelly recently wrote and published her first young adult fiction book titled Rain at Midnight.  The book tells the story of a girl who has epilepsy and how she overcomes her fears to live a happy and fulfilling life.  Kelly was diagnosed with Rolandic Epilepsy at age 12 and has been able to overcome her condition. She wanted to raise awareness of epilepsy through her book and countless hours of community service with the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey.

To learn more about Kelly's book click here!

For more information on the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey and all of the amazing work they are doingEpilepsy Foundation of NJ click here!
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