Strengthen Your Lawn This Fall
October 2013

Happy fall!  There are still plenty of things you can be doing to keep your lawn looking green through the fall.  Take care of your lawn now to help it get through the winter and be ready for next spring.  Don't forget this is the last month you can enter our "Show Us Your Lawn" Photo Contest.  Send us a picture of your lawn for a chance to win a $50 gift coupon.  One grand prize winner will receive a $500 gift coupon and lawn care kit!  Check out how to enter below.
Have you fertilized your lawn yet?
Fall patio Late October into early November is a great time to fertilize your lawn one last time this year.  As the temperatures get colder and the days are shorter, grass plants will begin to slow down their growth above ground.  The focus will shift to the roots and fertilizing the lawn will provide food for root system development and carbohydrate storage.  Fertilizing will also improve the chances of maintaining a quality lawn for next spring.  Use Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow healthy, deep roots.  It is always a good idea to also apply Mag-I-Cal Calcium Fertilizer and Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil.  This organic duo will not only raise the soil pH, but will improve the overall quality of the soil.  Any lawn will benefit from an application of each of these organic products.
Keep on Mowing

Be sure you continue to mow your lawn this fall.  For best results mow at a medium setting so that the grass height is no less than two inches tall.  When the grass is cut too short it puts stress on the plant and the roots slow down their growth.  When the grass is mowed at the correct height the roots can keep developing and the grass will thrive.  Keep your mower blade sharp through the fall or it will rip and tear the grass.  When the grass is torn it becomes weak and susceptible to diseases and lawn insect pests.

Want to know even more about how to care for your lawn this fall?  Click here!
Leaves can do more harm than good

lawn man As we all know the leaves start to drop this time of the year.  A small covering of leaves can be easily chopped up by your lawn mower, but if they accumulate too much you should remove them.  An excess of leaf cover on your lawn can prevent sunlight and air from getting to the grass.  This can be be a real problem if you reseeded your lawn or planted new grass.  If the leaves are smothering the grass the new seedlings will have trouble maturing.  That is why it is very important to rake your lawn.  If you seeded already this fall and notice some bare spots due to rain wash out you can still apply Fall Magic or Black Beauty Ultra grass seed to fill in those areas.
This is your last chance!
Show us your lawn and win!
Have you sent in a picture of your lawn yet?  Time is running out!  From March - October we are holding a photo contest and asking you, the homeowner, to send us a picture of your lawn for a chance to win!  Each month we will be drawing a winner for a $50 gift coupon to use in their local Jonathan Green retail store.  You can use this gift coupon on anything in the store.  One grand prize winner will win a $500 gift coupon and a New American Lawn product kit! 

To enter today visit and upload your photo.  While you are there be sure to download a copy of The New American Lawn Guide.  This brand new guide gives you seasonal lawn care advice and helps you to grow the best lawn in town.  Time is running out to enter so send us your pictures today!

To download The New American Lawn guide click here!
If you do nothing else this fall

Still haven't done anything to your lawn this fall?  Just not sure what to do?   Click this video below to find out how to grow the best lawn in town:
Fall Lawn Care
Fall Lawn Care

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