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Summer Lawn Care
June 2013

Summertime is here!  Warmer days, picnics, trips to the beach and fun in the sun are ahead.  But what about your lawn?  A picnic is no fun if the lawn is a mess.  Summer can be a tough time for any lawn between the drought, stress, bugs, fungus and heat.  Take the preventative measures now to ensure that the lawn looks great.  Follow this month's edition of Timely Tips so you can enjoy your lawn all summer long.
Summer fertilizing

Did you fertilize your lawn only once since the beginning of this year?  If so, your lawn is hungry and needs to eat more than one to two times a year.  During the growing season from March through November your lawn should be fed three to four times a year for optimum growth, and to resist insects, heat and drought conditions.  Use  Summer Survival Insect Control plus Lawn Fertilizer from June through August.  It is specially formulated for the summer months to feed the lawn gently and keep it greener.  Plus it controls over 15 lawn insects including chinch bugs, ticks, ants and more! 

If you are looking for a organic option for fertilizing this summer use either  Organic Lawn Fertilizer 8-3-1 or Natural Beauty Organic Lawn Fertilizer 10-0-1.  These organics will gently feed the lawn and promote a healthy, thick, dark-green turf over time.
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Summer Lawn Care
Summer Lawn Care

Beat the bugs!

Grub, Tick, & Chinch Bugs Many lawns suffer from grubs and other insects in the summertime.   The months from May through August is a good time to control grubs since they are working their way to the soil surface during these times to lay eggs.  If you have had a history of grub activity in your lawn, monitor a few different areas by digging in landscape beds and lawn areas to see if grubs are present.  Areas with a lot of birds digging may indicate grubs and other insects in the ground.  Apply Jonathan Green Grub Control and be sure to follow all label directions.


Here are some tips to help reduce insect populations in your yard.  Keep decorative mulches away from the house foundation at least twelve inches.  Be sure to seal cracks along the bottom of your home, windows and doors.  Eliminate sources of moisture and standing water and trim branches and plants back from the house.  A band treatment around the perimeter of the home with Jonathan Green Grub Control will reduce populations invading your home.  


Summer also announces the arrival of ticks.  Keep your lawn mowed along wooded borders and treat pets with the proper tick control if ticks are prominent in your area.  Consider the use of repellents on your clothing when you are in your yard.  Ticks, flees, ants and chinch bugs are easy to control with  Jonathan Green Lawn Insect Control.  This product controls over 30 lawn insect pests including ticks, fleas, ants, chinch bugs and more.     


Want to know more about controlling insects in your lawn? Click here! 


Examples of Lawn Fungus Another summer lawn problem is fungus.  The spores of these parasitic forms of plant life are spread by wind, air, water, animals, people, insects and mowing.  If a landscaper cuts your lawn he could transfer the disease from one property to another.  Ideal disease conditions generally occur between the months of May through September. 


It is important to understand and properly identify if fungus is really present in your lawn.  Sometimes during hot summer months, fungus can be misidentified as heat and drought stress or insect damage.  Do not waste your money with a control application if you are not sure disease is present in your lawn. 


Stop fungus in its tracks with our Lawn Fungus Control.  It controls over 20 diseases including brown patch, dollar spot and more.  

Want to know more about what kind of fungus your lawn may have? 
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Show Us Your Lawn and Win! 
From March - October we are holding a photo contest and asking you, the homeowner, to send us a picture of your lawn for a chance to win!  Each month we will be drawing a winner for a $50 gift coupon to use in their local Jonathan Green retail store.  You can use this gift coupon on anything in the store.  One grand prize winner will win a $500 gift coupon and a New American Lawn product kit! 

To enter today visit and upload your photo.  While you are there be sure to download a copy of The New American Lawn Guide.  This brand new guide gives you seasonal lawn care advice and helps you to grow the best lawn in town.

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