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Is your lawn ready for the spring?
February 2013

Many of us do not think about our lawns in February.  You may have snow on the ground and it is still too cold to consider doing yard work.  That is okay.  Now is the perfect time to start planning your lawn program for the spring.  Have you been able to grow a great lawn in the past?  Everyone can have the lawn of their dreams it just takes some planning.  This month's Timely Tips focuses building up the lawn first with a spring seeding and addressing weed issues later in the spring.  Remember the best defense against weeds and common lawn problems is to grow a thick, healthy lawn.
Do I have to seed?                 
Mother Nature can take a toll on your lawn with freezing, thawing and heavy snowfall.  Many homeowners will need to repair bare spots and thin areas in their lawns this spring from last year's drought.  The first step to proper seeding is to choose superior grass seed mixtures.  Remember the lawn will never be better than the grass seed you plant.  Use our Black Beauty and Black Beauty Ultra grass seed this spring to fix damaged areas.  Seeding the lawn first allows the new grass seedlings to get a good head start and a establish strong foundation before the warmer months.  Looking for an all in one answer?  Try a jug of Lawn Repair Made Easy which contains Black Beauty Ultra, Mag-I-Cal Calcium Fertilizer, Organic Lawn Fertilizer and Green Mulch.  This is perfect for fixing bare spots and dog spots in the lawn.
Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass Seed
To learn more about Black Beauty grass seed click the video link above

hands holding soil
What about the soil?

This is a question that is often ignored.  Think of the soil as the foundation of the lawn.  If you have poor soil you will most likely have a poor lawn.  Have you ever taken a soil test?  Knowing the pH of your lawn soil can help pinpoint the lawn problems you may have been experiencing.  Weeds and bare spots are prevalent when the soil pH is unbalanced.  Use Mag-I-Cal Calcium Fertilizer this spring to help balance soil pH.  Mag-I-Cal is organic and will rapidly raise soil pH.  If you have limed in the past you know that lime can be heavy and cumbersome.  The great thing about Mag-I-Cal is that one 5,000 square foot bag is the equivalent of up to five bags of lime! 

Want to know more about soil pH and Mag-I-Cal?  Click here!
Coming in March!
new american lawn

Have you ever wondered which fertilizers to use on your lawn?  Traditional, organic or both?  Have you been having lawn failures year after year and just don't know what to do?  Our Timely Tips subscribers will be the first ones to learn about our brand new lawn care program called the New American Lawn.  This exciting plan is a complete and responsible approach to lawn care and will give you the tools you need to have the best lawn in town.  Be sure to tune in next month to learn all about the New American Lawn.
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