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Learning Together

Zoo Director, Robert Steele, has been working with JMZ bobcats, Rufus and Tule, in target training with the help from the volunteers from Foothills College Veterinarian-Technicians program. Target training is a technique used to help zookeepers work with larger, more

 aggressive animals during their checkup. Rob learned about target training from Debbie Marrin-Towey,

 the Assistant Curator of Carnivore and Children's Zoo at San Francisco Zoo that uses the same technique with tigers. 

With the use of positive reinforcement and continuous training, the animals learn to present different body parts like their paws and rumps to the trainer. This is helpful to the trainers because the bobcats get used to touch and it makes animal sedation easier and safer for both the bobcats and the trainers. 


The training involves the use of a long rod, bobcat kibbles, and a clicker. As an example shown in the photo above, Volunteer, Cindy weighing Rufus on a scale. Rob and his volunteers would like to teach Rufus to learn how to get on the scale all by himself with the target training. The training would be done by attaching a piece of bobcat kibble onto one end of a long rod. Then, the clicker would be clicked to get the Rufus's attention. Then when Rufus gets onto the scale, he would be rewarded with the kibble. The goal for Rob and the volunteers is to take away the clicker and just have Rufus get onto the scale all by himself when he sees the rod. 


The volunteers are having a wonderful time working with the animals. Taichi Kanda, who started working with the animals in May, said, "It is thrilling and exciting to work with animals you usually cannot work with up close". 


Future target training may include another furry pair, the JMZ raccoons.
JMZ In Your Classroom
The JMZ science outreach programs give our experienced museum educators an opportunity to bring a wide range of standards-based science program into K-5 local elementary school classrooms. The programs are tailored to complement core science instruction, or structured as stand-alone experiences for students. 
e lessons include hands-on encounters with live animals, natural artifacts, and science tools and materials. 
The JMZ has just entered a new school-year contract with Palo Verde Elementary School during the school year, which will provide three programs per classroom in all the grades (K-5). This additional contract brings the JMZ into a total of eight Palo Alto public elementary schools with year round programming. 
The private International School for the Peninsula has also contracted with JMZ for this year. They have increased the amount of programs from the Bug Buddy program from previous years.
We would like to give thanks to the Palo Alto Community Fund for their grant which will provide elementary schools in East Palo Alto with programs as part of an Art and Science Collaboration with the Palo Alto Art Center. 
With these additional contracts, our JMZ Science Outreach program serves nearly 8,000 students. 

Club Corner: Club JMZ Happenings & News


An Evening With Mister G - Coming Dec 6th!

An extraordinary event is underway for members at the level of $250 and above on December 6th. Recording star, Mister G, will be performing his kid-friendly music with us at the JMZ.   Read all about Mister G, and his incredible works.


The Bubble Palozza 

Bubble Palozza, held on September 15th, was marvelous and Club JMZ members were able to get first priorities in receiving their tickets for our 3 shows that day. We sold out all 175 tickets to all the shows. Our JMZ science staffs were also able to get creative and did some fun bubble science on the side. 


Halloween Zoo Night

Halloween Zoo Night was spooktacular! Club JMZ members got a special night - on October 25th, of arts and craft with our JMZ staff and learned about the Day of the Dead. We had endless amount of animal visitors thanks to: 


  • Bay Area Amphibian And Reptile Society
  • Classroom Safari
  • Kenny the Falconer
  • Silicon Valley Turtle and Tortoise Club
  • and all the JMZ critters


Thank you to our Event Sponsors:

  • Lucky Supermarket
  • Piazza's Fine Foods
  • Pizza My Heart
  • Whole Foods Market Palo Alto 


Club JMZ Members-Only Hours

Club JMZ members are invited for members only hours on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Upcoming Sunday Club hours are: 

  • November 17th
  • December 1st 
  • December 15th
  • January 5th
  • January 19th

Not yet a member or has your membership lapsed? No worries! Join or renew at the door and pick up free Club JMZ t-shirts for your family.  

Look Into The Future of the JMZ

Friends Board Members and fathers, Marshall Koch and Steve Reller, are launching the Annual Appeal this November. Watch for a letter from them as representatives of the Friends of the JMZ. Let us know how much the JMZ means to your family by responding with a contribution in addition to membership dues.


For the Future.....


Annual support is critical to providing the wide range of services our community expects from the JMZ.   

  • New and enhanced exhibits such as Weaverbird House are due to support from the Friends. 
  • Expansion of education outreach to engage more than 23,000 students each year.
  • A strategic plan approved by the Friends Board establishing building blocks to rebuild the JMZ's inadequate facility.

Continuous Work......


Our dedication to encouraging curiosity by providing a nurturing,  stimulating and safe environment for our children. The JMZ has offered a place for undirected play and an intimate experience with nature and animals for the past 80 years.


The goal for fiscal year 2014 Annual Appeal is $100,000.   Thank you for considering your participation in the Annual Appeal so that our community's children can have an enhanced experience at the JMZ.  

Donor Spotlight


Founded in 1962, Friends of the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo. Our public/private partnership with the City of Palo Alto provides a fun and creative environment for kids to learn about science. Thank you for your continued support!



Board of Directors, Friends of the Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo