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30 March 2016

Happy Spring!!!  I am 'springing' to a new platform!!  Will you be joining me?
Please - visit my website
GJ (left)
Looking forward to ...

In keeping with my introvert administration skills, I am starting 2 new projects on 1 April 2016. The 3rd project - I am most excited that I have learned the skills to move my Coaching pursuits to Pinterest.

Future Newsletters

I have updated the newsletter format.  

I will be doing the newsletters quarterlyas I have started my Time Management BLOG, which appears both on my website and Pinterest.

You are invited to join me daily for my Time Management/Efficiency tips on Facebook.

My book is available on my website and on
Tip from "Getting Things Done" by David Allen --- "How you list projects and sub-projects is up to you; just be sure you know where to find ALL the moving parts"!!

Quote to share - "This constant, unproductive preoccupation with all things we have to do is the single largest consumer of time and energy."  -- Kerry Gleeson
I am an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner;  
Programs Director for Global Institute for Empowered Women Entrepreneurs (GIEWE).   
Founding Member of We're Empowered To Achieve The impossible (WETATi) 
Time Management Expert for the Smart Business Contracting Institute (SBCI). 
Member of Coachville;
Member of NAPW;
Member of Women Promoting Women (WPW);   Member of
Lifetime Member of Sisters4Sisters Network, Inc.;  Member of dc Coaching Consultants, LLC;   Member of Association of Black Entrepreneurs.  
Member of International Association of Coaches [IAC]; Member of NAFE.
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Thank You - Sincerely,
Gloria-Jean Brown,  {SDVOB}
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