16 March 2016

Happy March 2016,

I have been busy with a new project.  Please be in anticipation for the announcement!!  I am learning and having fun with a new way to share my time management/efficiency expertise. A coming blog is the least of what I am preparing!!

All the very best to you, your family, and your organization.

Gloria-Jean GJ (left)


How Are You Managing Your Time?

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How do you manage your time, whether on the job or running your own business?  Do you prioritize the most important item(s) that others need -  and handle that first?  Is your area (desk/work space/dining room/kitchen table) - clean and conducive to clear, logical, and level-headed thinking?





Set time blocks for the most important projects.  Block distractions, so that this time is solely for that project and has your full attention.



Have a sheet of paper or a post-it-note with the steps written, that you need to accomplish.  Check it off as you go - if you get interrupted, you will know where to pick up from and not lose a lot of time.



Stop saying "yes" to everything.  Be selective as to what and where you are devoting your time and energy.  Give quality results.  You can't be everything to everybody all of the time.


Have a secluded place where you plan your strategy or steps for a current project - brainstorm with yourself, first.  Be clear what you want.  Then, share with selective others, who can help advise you and with whom you can have an accountability relationship.


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"Those who make the worse use of their time are the first to complain of its shortness."  Jean de La Bruysre





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