17 February 2016

Happy February 2016,

Are you still making strides with your New Year's resolutions?  Are you upholding your Lent goals (whether to give up something or to increase a positive aspect in your life)?

All the very best to you, your family, and your organization.

Gloria-Jean GJ (left)


Let's Get Moving


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We are at mid-February, how are you doing thus far in 2016?


I am going to share some different ideas and views to help you re-start and re-affirm you are on your way.


1.  You set completion goals thinking of yourself; but, others are asking from their perspective. How do you resolve the middle ground?  Life happens - leave 5 days before the DUE DATE.  Check on progress, handle loose ends, and ask questions. 


2.  This can apply to both home and work:  implement a master calendar, in a central location.  Also, make use of your cell phone and take a photo - if you 'really' need to access the information away from work or home. For multiple persons - assign a color for individual or departments.


3.  Are you trying to 'find' time?  You must 

"make" time for what you need to do. [How did you spent your time during the blizzard]  Two friends of mine PURPOSELY got snowed in together [having purchased sufficient food, water and treats] with their children to provide necessary, uninterrupted work time for them and playmates for their children. They brainstormed for their business; handled office paperwork/filing; organized projects to delegate; discussed upcoming projects and what they would need; had playtime with their kids; shared meals and movie time.  They have been on the go ever since; even out-of-state for a project. What did you do?


4.  Get control of your email!!!  If you can quickly type your answer - do so.  Unsubscribe from old newsletters whose interests you no longer follow; from stores (you longer purchase from); from information sites that are no longer relevant.  Delete unnecessary mail.  Stick to a specific time range to check email - get in; answer/send; get out. You do have a life.


5.  Do not be afraid to say "No".  You can only handle so much, effectively.


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Sandra Carey said, "Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life."


Your abundant fulfilling - of 2016 - is up to you. 



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