8 January 2016

Happy, Abundant, New Year as you fulfill your endeavors in 2016.  If you didn't end 2015 on a good note; and your New Year's resolutions are by the wayside - it is a new day FOCUS on what you want your life, day, business to be ... NOW.

All the very best to you, your family, and your organization.

Gloria-Jean GJ (left)


New Year's Pointers


Each day is a gift.  You make it what you want it to be ...or not, by what you allow.


Stop and review what you do.  Please de-stress!!  Do things in moderation. Schedule time for you to relax -- a little relax time, EVERYDAY. Schedule a real vacation.


*Constantly hooked [24/7] to phone, social media, internet. Give your brain a break.  Silence is golden and needed.

*Everything is not meant to be done NOW.

*Worrying what others think of you or what they are doing. What are you doing to meet your goals.  Only You can do YOU!

*Take time to put systems in place that work for you.

*Use technology that works for you and that you will use.

*Delegate. Do what YOU do best. Let others learn.

*Stay in your lane (of expertise) -- you can speed there and not get a ticket (Smiles)

*What are your priorities?  

*What do you do each day to accomplish them?



From a business  or  personal perspective for a good start  this year:

Email - clean up your list; make folders;  use color coding to identify Clients, important projects; use 'sort by sender' to all of a particular correspondence; answer concisely.

Back-up your important files to an external drive.

Write done steps to things you do infrequently.


STOP being busy -- do productive  activities.  


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I invite you to please send me ideas for topics you would like for me to  explore.



Bishop TD Jakes stated that  ' You will never get everything done; don't let it be the same thing everyday." 


Your abundant fulfilling - of 2016 - is up to you. 



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