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15 October 2014


GJ at Tng 

2015 - Stay In Your Lane and Enjoy The Ride!!  Let's Get Started. 

You are in control of your life.  You are where you are because of the choices you have made; and are making.


Identify your challenges areas and take positive control of your day.


What stops your productivity?  Is it you? Is it outside influences? Is it unexpected events? Is it other people wanting a little piece of your expertise?  is it you not saying "No" - only you know how full your plate is when someone makes a request of you!! 


When you can honestly answer these questions and see why - then, you can make effective changes to the betterment of everyone and the projects you are handling.


To help you further analyze:  Do you feel swamped?  Papers everywhere?  You can't find anything? Computer files askew?  Are you late for appointments?  In Box FULL?  Find yourself with conflicting deadlines?  Get distracted easily - thus, you have several tasks going at once?   Unable to distinguish the true priorities?


We are all afflicted at one time or another by procrastination; bad planning or no planning; and just being disorganized. Get moving ... 1 task, step at a time. 


There are so many tools that can help you but you must be willing to take the time to find what works for YOU. Maybe you will have to tweak the tool or process for you; but, it will  be well worth it. You must persevere to find your lane and be comfortable with what you can accomplish.   


A Taste of Project Management
Project Management.

First of all, it is a way of thinking about how to do a project.  A project is a series of tasks to accomplish a certain end. That could be building a house; or bring a new product to market; and, everything in-between.

The 'tools', so to speak:  charts, people, software, budgets - are all part of 'carrying out'  the thinking.

Projects are 3 dimensions:  beginning, middle and end.
You are connecting sequences of tasks. You are building something.  You are putting a magazine together.

Do you brainstorm ideas?  If so, only with employees and co-workers?  Try your family and neighbors - to get a totally different prospective from an end user point of view.  Even someone you sit next to on a bus or train - going to and from work!

Planning is the key to proper management.  Executing your plan; tracking the results of that plan; and making changes (tweaking) or possible over-haul, may be necessary for a successful  project to be managed to completion.

... Coming Next Edition
In my next edition, I will continue with sharing about Gaining Control.  Also, de-mysterifying Project Management will continue. And a new item - some sharing from "Organizing For Your Brain Type"  by Lanna Nakone. 
Parting QUOTES

Stop choosing between chaos and order, and live at the boundary between them, where rest and action move together.  -  Rainer Maria Rilke

Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and to be that perfectly.  - St. Francis de Sales 


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