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October 2013

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Are you ready to give Mind Mapping a try? 




To say I'm a big fan of mind mapping would be a massive understatement. I use mind maps every day, both for professional and personal purposes.  Author and blogger Karol Krol


Why use mind maps?


One of the biggest issues we face in the workplace is the need to balance our goals with the number of tasks we need to accomplish each day.


Although the most common method to get organized is a bullet point list, it's not necessarily the most effective method. This is where Mind Mapping comes in. 


Mind Mapping is a powerful graphic technique that uses colour, key images and words to summarize, sort and retain information, replacing traditional note taking. 


It helps us follow our natural thought process, with branches drawn out in different directions. It's easy to add information with a new branch, and to find information by following the branches.


People and organizations need to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency, and Mind Mapping can help with:

  • Thinking and Planning - Think effectively and with flexibility at the beginning of a project or presentation.
  • Prioritizing - Make sense of different aspects of your work and life, and prioritize goals going forward.
  • Creativity and Innovation - Generate and capture fresh perspective and new ideas.
  • Organizational Change - Understand inter-relationships between different aspects of a situation.
  • Information Overload - Summarize information efficiently and in a way that is usable and accessible.
  • Lifelong Learning - Enhance your memory and recall. 


So why not give it a try!


We'll even help you get started with this one day workshop:


   The Power of Mind Mapping  

   Thursday, November 14

    8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.


If you are looking for ways to maximize your ability to think, create or learn, this workshop is for you. Details and registration here.



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Risk Management

Tuesday, November 5


Learn to apply risk analysis, build a risk management plan, and use helpful tools and templates. 


Special Offer 


Hear David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber and
a "Dragon" on CBC-TV's Dragon's Den on Nov. 6 from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. presented by Manitoba Home Builders' Association in partnership with QNET.
Details here.

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Write It Right  

Don't miss these essential workshops that sold out earlier this fall:

Write It Right 1: High Performance Business Writing

Tuesday, November 19


Write It Right 2: Advanced Writing Strategies

Thursday, December 5


Featured Session
two business people

HR for Managers

Tuesday, October 29


Effectively incorporate key human resource principles that are essential to effective team and organizational behavior.


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The Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba presents the Connect 2013 Conference - Inspire Brilliance in Winnipeg on 
October 22 & 23For more details, click here or contact the HRMAM office at 

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