February 2013



This month we are highlighting our Series EGRK Electric Gripper. With no programming necessary, this "plug and grip" electric gripper is simple and easy to use while delivering the performance and precision you require.


For February, we feature Solutions for the Washroom. Long life replacement actuators for commercial laundries help reduce downtime and increase productivity. 


Lastly, make sure you download PHD's newest iPad App that lets you view and generate 3D CAD models!


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February Product Spotlight


PHD's Series EGRK Electric Gripper combines performance, precision, and ease of use at an affordable package price! 


Now available with force and high speed travel adjustment, allowing for faster cycle time if full travel is not required.



Ideal for assembly and robotics, the Series EGRK Gripper brings a new level of performance in electric powered gripping devices. This ultra-precise unit provides exceptional gripping force and moment capacities in a simple "Plug and Grip" package.    


High precision jaw movement is maintained over the life of the unit using a wear compensating jaw guidance system (patent pending). 


EGRK benefits:

  • Available in three sizes with four variations per size, the heavy duty design provides high grip force and large moment capacities.
  • Simple easy-to-use "Plug and Grip" electric grippers. No programming needed at customer site.
  • Each gripper has its own optimized controller. Final grip force and high speed travel may be changed via potentiometers or input terminals.
  • Low electric power consumption, operating on 24 VDC power supply. 
Want to learn more? Click here to view product animations or click here for a catalog. 


Washroom Solutions


Are you responsible for maintaining, managing, or purchasing equipment for industrial or commercial laundries? If so, PHD's latest product offerings into this market may be of interest to you.


Our Solutions for the Washroom brochure features many devices that include some hard-to-find items used on many commercial machines. Manufacturers of machines like Braun, Ellis, Jensen, or Lavatec employ actuators that at many times need repair or replacement.


Cylinders with drop-in replacement convenience are just some of the components we've developed for this market. Rugged aluminum and stainless steel construction help provide long life with corrosion resistance built in.


Additionally, the brochure includes a Laundry Process Flow diagram that points out many of the locations within a commercial laundry where PHD has developed solutions.

Do you operate and maintain Jensen Futurail Conveyors? PHD offers a drop-in trunion mount cylinder specifically made for those lines. How about a Unipress Triple Buck system? We provide grippers and rotary actuators for OEM devices. Jensen's Metricon Conveyor? We provide replacement stopper cylinders and discharge cylinders for that equipment.


Check out the brochure for more information!

New 3D CAD App!


You can now view and generate CAD models in 3D with PHD 3D, our newest iPhone and iPad app!



  • Configure PHD actuators for accurate ordering data
  • Generate previews of actuators including options and features 
  • View actuators in 3D, spin to view all sides
  • Send CAD models and recommend to others
  • Access PHD catalog and news through direct link 



Download from the iTunes store and make sure you check out our other mobile apps!


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