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Our publisher, Barbara Williams, is currently recovering from a shoulder injury. While we are expecting a complete and speedy recovery for Barbara, sitting at a computer is not a comfortable activity for her right now.

Still, our readers and advertisers are always important to us. Until Barbara's computer skills are back up to par, if you need to contact her, please do so by telephone at (916) 965-7751.  




Emotional Intimacy with Ourselves 

Allan Hardman 


My apprentice often called me, upset because there were no "good men" out there. She had been in so many relationships, she said, waiting for a man that would be present and show his feelings. She told me that she was often fooled, thinking a particular man wanted to share with her in a deeper way, but soon realized he did not. "Is it true," she often asked, "that all men are emotionally unavailable?"  "What do you do when you realize your man is not available to you emotionally?", I asked her one day. "Well, I usually try to figure out what is wrong, and how I can encourage him to tell me what is going on with him. But they just don't want to answer me," she said, followed with a sigh of resignation.


I understood her pain, because I have heard this story from many people, both men and women. They want someone to be open, to share feelings with them, and to be emotionally available. After many years of "research," I have finally discovered the reason that so many people find themselves in relationships with an emotionally unavailable partner. Want to know the reason?

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DEATH BED VISIONS by Carla Wills-Brandon

Death Bed Visions

Carla Wills-Brandon


Death Bed Visions come in all shapes and sizes. Some people receive visitations from deceased relatives while others encounter angels, or religious figures. Many of the accounts contained in Carla Wills-Brandon's research discuss seeing a wisp of "something" leaving the body of a friend or relative at the moment of a physical passing. This phenomenon is nothing new. It has been described over and over again, for as long as time can remember. Those who are about to leave will often talk about seeing beautiful landscapes on the other side or next dimension and then state this is where they will be after they crossover. In most cases, once one has had such a vision, death is no longer something to fear. Death Bed Visions or Departing Visions bring comfort not only to the physically dying, but to those who love them. In this article, Carla presents some Frequently Asked Questions about Death Bed, or Departing Visions.  Read more...


If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change. 
- Wayne Dyer   

Photo of Amy Edwards

Who Are You, My Child? (Part Two of Two)

Astrology as a Tool for Self-awareness and Understanding your Child  

Amy Edwards


In Part One of this article, we explored the tendency of parents to unconsciously project expectations onto our children, attempting to steer them toward goals and activities that we feel are appropriate and/or in their "best interest". While stemming from the most honorable of intentions, this behavior has the potential to seriously stifle a child's personal journey. Instead, I encourage the importance of celebrating and supporting our children's uniqueness and individuality, allowing for them to discover their own passions.  Read more...  


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9 Principles of Spirit: A Map to the Spiritual 

Libby Outlaw 


Our lives are full of experiences that shape and form who we are, how we perceive the world, and what we believe in. Through these experiences we form a map that navigates us through the needs and demands of living on this planet. It determines our circumstances, our choices, and our day-to-day activities. On the surface of our lives this map determines the picture on our life's tapestry. Underneath this picture, the underlying threads (the warp of the tapestry) create the support, structure and foundation for the stories on the surface. These unseen threads determine the depth, mood, relationship, integration and synergy of our life's tapestry.  Read more...


Synthia Andrews photo

The Energy-Emotion Matrix:

Synthia Andrews 


Today more than ever before there is an awakening to subtle energy, the vital force that flows within and around us creating the ambiance of life. The increased prevalence of Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki and other energy-based systems are rousing learners' energy senses. As individuals begin feeling the flows in their body and noticing the energy interactions among people many are inspired to consciously participate in the dance of subtle energy to create meaningful, life-affirming change. What people may not realize however is that the key to understanding energy lies with our emotions. Read more...    


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