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TIP Special Edition Newsletter: 2014 World Cup

In anticipation of the 2014 World Cup, TIP Principal, Jon Roberts, has written two posts for our Theory Into Practice blog. In each post, he approaches the World Cup from a different viewpoint: as an economic development professional exploring the economic impact of the game and as a fan with a well-calculated examination of the potential outcomes. But why should you care? Just let Jon explain . . .

Economics of the 2014 World Cup

Beyond the spotlight a single World Cup provides lies the larger public policy question of whether massive subsidies for sports are necessaryóor even desirable. This post uses the World Cup stage as an opportunity to talk about the economics of sports and the peculiarities of soccer generally. Read more...

The 2014 World Cup: The Lessons of Geography and History

Jon shares his thoughts on who will win and why. For sports fans that still donít get soccer and why a scoreless draw can be exciting, maybe this post can help provide some context. Or not. For those who care to learn geography through other means than sports, or who donít care about sports at all, you may just want to sit this one out. Read more...

About Our Author

You may also question what qualifies Jon to write about the economics of sports or to predict the outcome of the World Cup. He has an answer for that too. Jon explains his professional and personal experience here.



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