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 Letter From the President, Beth Beam
  Beth Beam VP
Dear Raleigh Tennis Enthusiasts,

School has already started and Fall is just around the corner.  Time keeps flying by.  I hope everyone had a great summer season of JTT, Tri-Level, Mixed Doubles and Singles and have already started their fall seasons.  Congratulations to all of those that have won their respective divisions and will be continuing on to the state championships coming up soon.  Good Luck to all that are moving on!

We have continued to see growth in all of our leagues, especially due to the new age divisions 18+, 40+, 55+, etc.   These successful seasons are in large part to our Local League Coordinators.  Thank you to Lynn Goldberg, Susan Flanagan and Tracy Debnam for doing more with less this year!  It's great to see Raleigh continue to expand it's leagues while others in the South haven't been as fortunate.

The RTA, with assistance from USTA Southern, sponsored a Hispanic Outreach event at Green Road park, where we had over 50 participants, many of whom continued on with lessons over the summer with their new racquet and balls!  Thanks to all those that participated and volunteered!

Also on a final note, you may have noticed that since earlier this year our website has been a bit out of date.  We have been working hard with a new provider to get a new and improved website up and out to you. It's taken a bit longer than expected, but it's finally up and running!  Thank you for your patience!

See you on the courts!
Beth Beam,
President, RTA 
2013 RTA Winter League
The RTA Winter League registration is fast approaching!

RTA is excited about the new additions in 2013: The League now offers MEN'S divisions and an end of season playoff to determine the overall champion at each level!

* League will run from November through January
* Format will be 1 court of singles 2 courts of doubles
* Women's league will play weekdays and weekends
* Men's league will play evenings
* Minimum 6 players up to 12
* Non-USTA league: cost $18.00 (city teams will have additional court usage fees)
* Registration will open end of September
* Playoff format at end of season for division "RTA Winter League Champions"
* All players will receive an RTA Winter League long sleeve T-shirt

RTA League coordinator:
Tracy Debnam

We will be using E-mail, RTA website, Facebook and Twitter for additional league information and updates. Make sure to log on for this media contact. For more information or questions regarding the Raleigh Tennis Association please email the RTA Community Director, Susan Flanagan, at   
Please fill out the survey below so that we may get an indication of the interest level for the 2013 Winter season. Thank you for your time!
**A survey was sent out to team captain's (below), if you would like information regarding format, or other details please click to see survey: 
USTA Leagues
USTA Adult Fall Combo League
Registration Closed 
The Adult Fall Combo is one of the fastest growing adult programs in the USTA's Southern Section. This program features Men's and Women's teams playing 3 doubles matches. The doubles teams use a combined NTRP rating that does not exceed the level on which they are playing. The unique format is what makes the COMBO DOUBLES league so fun! It also offers the chance to play with different people and to make new friends.   

For additional Combo information 2014 go to: 

Fall Leagues 
USTA Junior Team Tennis League

The  USTA Jr. Team Tennis league is open to boys and girls in below  divisions.
8+under, 10+under Beginner, 10+u Intermediate, 12+under Bronze, 14+under Bronze, Silver, 18+under Silver, Gold, top 80 Ranked (advanced). Please see dates for Registration and Tryouts on the Junior Team Tennis  page.


*Questions, contact Ken Glanville, JTT league Coordinator. or call Millbrook Exchange Tennis Park 872-4128.
 * for USTA Jr Team Tennis info click logo above

FREE!!! 1-Year USTA 10 and Under Junior Membership!!


Until December 31, 2011, kids 10 and Under, new to the USTA, can receive a FREE Junior Membership - a $19 value! Now it's easier than ever for kids to get in the game - new rules, kid-sized racquets, slower-lower bouncing balls, and a free membership! For complete offer details, read more. 
Upcoming Tournament Dates and Locations


BullFrog USTA Southern Section Designated
Raleigh Parks & Recreation Dept.
Bell David,919-872-4129
1905 Spring Forest Rd
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Raleigh Parks & Recreation Dept. 
Bell David,919-872-4129 
1905 Spring Forest Rd 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

For all USTA Tournament Tennis Schedules: click here

volunteer logo
Volunteers Needed for Upcoming USTA Bull Frog Tournament, see the list below for volunteer opportunities:
One of the highest level junior tennis tournaments is coming to the area and is in need of volunteers. If you are able to work a tournament desk, please note the available training times at the top. Please email: David Bell with any questions or times that will work for you!

2012 BullFrog USTA Southern Section Designated September 28-Oct 1 (Fri-Mon)

Friday September 14
Tournament Desk Training MEX 4-5pm
Friday September 21
Tournament Desk Training MEX 4-5pm
Friday September 28
MEX - Tournament Desk  4p-9p 
Optimist - Tournament Desk  4p-9p
Lions - Tournament Desk  4p-9p 
Biltmore - Tournament Desk  4p-9p 
Saturday September 29
MEX-Coolers/Cleanup 6:30a-7p
MEX-Check In 7a-1p
MEX-Tournament Desk  7a-2p 
MEX-Lunch 10a-3p   
MEX-TDM Computer input 10am-7pm 
Optimist - Tournament Desk  7a-5p  
Lions - Tournament Desk  7a-5p  
Biltmore - Tournament Desk  7a-5p  
Sunday September 30
MEX-Coolers/Cleanup 6:30a-7p
MEX-Tournament Desk  7a-1p 
MEX-Lunch 10a-3p   
MEX-TDM Computer input 10am-6pm
Optimist - Tournament Desk  7a-5p   
Lions - Tournament Desk  7a-5p  
Biltmore - Tournament Desk  7a-5p  
Lunch+drinks couriers - MEX, OPT, Lions, Bilt 9a-2pm   
Monday October 1
MEX-Coolers/Umpire Chairs/Cleanup 6:30a-2p
MEX-Tournament Desk  7a-3p 
MEX-TDM Computer input 10a-3pm 
SEC- Special Events Committee

RTA Special Events Committee (SEC)  

  • The SEC shall consist of a chair and other members as the Community Coordinator shall appoint. 
  • This  SEC committee serves as the communications and coordination channel between RTA and USTA Special Events in the Raleigh area.  
  • This committee works with the RTA Community Coordinator  to increase participation and volunteer network at the local level for all Special Events.
  • Organizations that this Committee may work with include: RTA and USTA Some of the events include: Tennis on Campus, Adaptive Tennis, 10U Tennis, Adopt a Unit event,  Adaptive Tennis Tournament Fundraiser, Tennis in Schools, Military Outreach, Y Guide Events, Local USTA Sanctioned tournaments.
  • This committee is encouraged to meet twice a year.
  • The Chair represents RTA at all Special Event functions.
  • The SEC is a volunteer based committee 

If you are interested in  participating as a committee member, please e-mail:, RTA Community Director. 

*The committee will host the next meeting in October 2013  

Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center Programs 

Important Dates


JTT Fall info:

Sept 14:  First league match
Oct 21:  Deadline for entering matches to be considered for tournament seeding
Oct 26:  Last league match
Oct 30:  Deadline to record matches to be counted for the 2 match minimum
Nov. 1-3:  League Tournament
For more information call Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center 872-4128

Frostbite Doubles info:
December 13-15 - tournament dates

Other Millbrook events:
Sept 23-27 - NC State Senior Games
Oct 4-6 - Crape Myrtle adult tournament
Oct 8-9 - CAP 8 High School Tournament
Oct 11-14 - USTA Southern Designated (formally the Bullfrog)
Oct 18 - High School Regionals

Nov 1-3 - Jr. Team Tennis league tournament
Nov 8-10 - Fall Ladder Tournament
Nov 15-17 - Lung Transplant Foundation tournament

Nov 23-2 - Wood Racquet tournament for Juvenile Diabetes

* Questions, contact Lorraine Norris, Millbrook Tennis Center 872-4129

Click on logo and check it out!

Please take time to check out our new website for all of the latest tennis information in Raleigh. We have made a ton of changes and hope you find it user friendly and fun!

2013 JTT State Champions
Spring 14U B Spring Champions, Springdale Club, Raleigh
Coach: Michael Oladele, Congratulations!

Head Pro, Michael Oladele is quite a coach!  Over the past 2 USTA JTT Spring seasons, Michael has produced winners at the USTA JTT State Championships. In 2012, Oladele's players won the 10U and 18U Junior Divisions, and this year, his players won the 14U B  2013 JTT Championships as well ( picture

Michael started his career 25 years ago at the American International School of Nigeria. There,  was ranked #4 in doubles and #10 in singles.   He came to the states on scholarship and played for Shaw University. There, Michael was the #1 player and MVP for all 4 years. 

Michael is currently at Springdale club, where he started coaching adults and kids 7 years ago. Since 2005, he has collected 29 trophies for his players, taken 4 Adult teams to States as local area winners.

Leesville High School in Raleigh,  currently has 7 out of the 12 players that came out of his program. He has a passion for teaching Junior players, and it is proven! Congratulations Michael, job well done!

  14 U B springdale championships    
RTA Hispanic Outreach Block Party
A USTA initiative, held in Raleigh

The RTA hosted a Free Block Party for the Hispanic Community in Raleigh.  Tennis was introduced to kids ages 10yr and under.  the day was filled with free lessons, and a hit for prizes court.  We managed to dodge the rain just in time for a lunch under the pavilion at Green Road Tennis Court in Raleigh.  Following the Block party, the RTA provided 4 free tennis clinics on Sunday afternoon's at Green Road Tennis Park for all who wanted to continue tennis. 
We had a great group of Latino and spanish speaking pro's on court to help with the day! Thank you to all who participated!
Below are a few pictures from the event.

RTA-" Pic of the COURT'R"
RTA is SERVIN' up a new way to win a prize!

If you LOVE taking photo's, send them to us!  If you miss out, it's your own FAULT
Here's the catch, the pic must be of you or your friends (on court, or off court), having fun, or doing something important in our tennis community!
E-mail your pic with a brief description and it will submitted for a chance to win our RTA Pic of the COURT'R.

**The winner will receive a $20.00 gift card to Omega Sports, compliments of Raleigh Tennis Association 

The Winner will be announced once a quarter and posted on the Raleigh Tennis Association Website! 
Please e-mail your photo to:

**** In addition to your photo description, make sure you include: your name, e-mail address and contact phone number.


Gangnam Style Tennis 
Djokovic Serena Gangnam Style in Australian Open
Djokovic Serena Gangnam Style in Australian Open

Tennis Community Update 

Susan Flanagan, Community Director 


The Raleigh area is one of the largest tennis communities in our state! the RTA board is currently discussing several ways to grow tennis in the Raleigh Area.

Our newest change will take place in the Raleigh Tennis Association Winter League "rtawl" (see above for more details).  The league will now host a men's division and end the season with overall RTA Champions in each division. We hope you will find this league fun, and help keep up your game in the winter months! 

Next, we have been working hard on creating a new website.  As many of you know, the RTA site was in a state of "limbo" for a few months.  We hope you will find the new site user friendly, and we will continue to work on keeping it current and informative.  If you have not had a chance, please take time to visit the site at 

In addition, the board has approved another fund raising effort to support the ATANC, (Adaptive Tennis Association of North Carolina).  We are very excited about once again supporting such a deserving group.  The next event, 2014 Footprints on the Court, will help raise money for much needed tennis shoes for the adaptive players and other equipment to help grow the program.  We recognize it takes "one step at at time" to create programs and we intend on supporting those programs and their players! If you would like to join our "SEC" *Special events committee, now is the time, planning is underway for this event!

*Our current Committee Chair, Pam Priddy, has done a fantastic job of recruiting new members and putting our plans in to action.  As a committee member, you will be informed of and called upon for all special events. However, please keep in mind, as a volunteer you may put into this committee as little or as much time as you would like.  In this committee you will be able to pick your passion in tennis, and run with it!  You would be suprised how much you can make a difference in our tennis community! Speaking from personal experience, that this is is a great way to meet new people, help host fun tennis events in our area, and become a part of the USTA volunteer family.   If you would like to be a part of this committee please e-mail me : 
See you on the Courts,
Susan Flanagan
RTA Community Director 


Thank you for your interest and support of Raleigh Tennis.
Raleigh Tennis Association