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Collaboration Makes a Difference 

It has been an incredible year for the National Girls Collaborative Project!

With 31 Collaborative Networks, serving 39 states, facilitating collaboration between 12,800 organizations who serve more than 7.9 million girls (and over 4.5 million boys) we are making an impact.


Core to our model is supporting collaboration among organizations to increase their capacity and ability to offer STEM programming for girls. From our work throughout the United States, we have learned how Collaboration Infographic collaboration benefits programs.


The National Girls Collaborative Project fosters collaboration through a variety of program activities and we have discovered that learning about new people and organizations is the most likely factor to increase levels of collaboration. We are always creating new ways to bring individuals and organizations together, face-to-face and virtually, and in 2014 look forward to continuing to build this community.

Why Women and Why STEM?

STEM drives innovation and economic growth. In order for the United  States to remain globally Contribute competitive, we need a highly skilled workforce of creative, innovative leaders to meet the complex problems and challenges of the changing world. Give the gift of access and opportunity this holiday season and help girls achieve their dreams in high-growth, high-pay, and high-impact sectors. 


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Together we can create a culture that drives girls to participate in STEM. Your generosity will help us reach more girls and build a collaborative environment that allows practitioners to leverage resources in their own local communities to broaden the impact, build capacity, and develop a diverse workforce.


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EdLab GroupThe EdLab Group is a private, non-profit organization with funding from federal and state governments, private foundations, corporations, and individuals. Our mission is to leverage the power of technology and diversity to transform teaching and learning.


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