Computer Science Collaboration Project
December 2013

The vision of the Computer Science Collaboration Project is to efficiently increase participation of underrepresented groups in computer science opportunities and activities by effectively building collaborations between K-12, community-based organizations, higher education and industry. 

The Hour of Code is Here

The Hour of Code Hour of Code Celebrities is launching the Hour of Code as part of the annual CSEdWeek, a celebration geared to encourage interest in the field and show that anyone can learn the basics. will host a variety of hour-long tutorials on the CSEdWeek website for students to do. Many of the tutorials will be compatible with tablets and smartphones, and there will be some "unplugged" lessons that require no computer at all.


Computer Science Events

Computer Science Education Week
December 9-15, 2013
Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the impact of computing, the richness of computing careers, and the critical need for computer science (CS) education. CSEdWeek is a call to action to inspire students and colleagues about CS education, to employ new and better strategies for engagement, and to connect with the broader community about the need for and value of CS education.


Computer Science Education: Putting Policy and Practice Together

December 12, 2013; 2:00 PM Eastern

This town hall is open to the public and will focus on the challenges and opportunities confronting Computer Science Education and will feature the release of a Collaborative White Paper on effective strategies for supporting Computer Science Education nationwide. Leading advocates, policy makers, and industry representatives will present at this online event which will be broadcast via YouTube where viewers will have the opportunity to participate in the conversation through an online chat.



Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Corner

Computer Science Education Week Comes of Age
Next week (December 9-15th) is Computer Science Education Week, a time when we celebrate the contribution that computer science education and computer science educators are making to our students and to the future. Thanks to the work of and the support of countless organizations and individuals, the celebration this year will reach unprecedented heights as Hour of Code is set to engage students, parents, and communities with an audacious goal of 10 million people reached. 

In the origins of CSEdWeek, however, is a lesson that must also be celebrated. It is that the willingness of like-minded individuals to take action can change the world. CSEdWeek exists because Joel Adams of Calvin College in Michigan made a passionate argument for the importance of computer science education and asked Vernon Ehlers, the then U.S. Representative for Michigan's 3rd congressional district, for his help. With some assistance from ACM and CSTA and a number of other supporting organizations, Representative Ehlers (R-MI) and Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) introduced resolution H. Res. 558 in the House. On October 20, 2009, the resolution to celebrate national CSEdWeek in honor of Grace Murray Hopper, a pioneering woman computer scientist, passed unanimously. The origins of CSEdWeek are about personal commitment, passionate advocacy, strong support, and good leadership.  CSEdWeek is about preparing our students for their futures. It is for everyone. Come join the celebration.  


CSCP Program Directory - Register Your Program Today!

The CSCP Program Directory lists organizations and programs that focus on motivating underrepresented youth to pursue careers in computer science. (If your program is in the NGCP Program Directory, it has automatically been included in the CSCP Program Directory.) 


The purpose of the CSCP Program Directory is to help organizations and individuals network, share resources, and collaborate on computer science related projects. The Directory contains program descriptions, resources available within each organization, program and/or organization needs, and contact information. Submitted entries undergo review and verification prior to publication.


Register your program:


AccessComputing Internships and Mentoring for Students with Disabilities in STEM
AccessComputing Logo
DO-IT invites students with disabilities to join the AccessComputing community. Student team members engage in online mentoring and receive professional development support. In addition, students in computing fields are eligible to request funding for internships, travel to conferences, and tutoring through AccessComputing. To join the team, students must complete and submit an application. 

CODE2040 Summer Fellowship Program Applications Now Open

CODE2040 is a non-profit organization that creates pathways to educational, professional, and entrepreneurial success in technology for underrepresented minorities with a specific focus on Blacks and Latinos. The CODE2040 summer Fellowship Program places high performing Black and Latino/a software engineering students in internships with top tech companies and provides mentorship, leadership training, and network development. Deadline: February 9, 2014.


Google and Raspberry Pi Coder
Google and Raspberry Pi PC recently created a new tool called Coder. It is an open-source educational programming platform. It is designed to work alongside instruction from other programming websites like Codeacademy and Khan Academy. With Coder, users can develop their own apps for the web and then host them on a miniature server located directly on Raspberry Pi.


Tri-IT provides learning opportunities to high school girls through year-round, interactive IT instruction. The curriculum includes research-based strategies to engage girls in IT, math, and science.


Latinas & Tecnología de la Información Website
NCWIT has launched Latinas & Tecnología de la Información, a Spanish website for inspiring young Latina women to pursue technology. The website provides fact sheets for creating awareness about the current state of girls' participation in technology, talking points about undergraduate courses and careers in computing, videos and profiles of Latina women for addressing the attractions to technology and possible barriers in the field, as well as links to computing activities and recruitment programs. 

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