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Computer Science Education Week 2012

 Building the Capacity of STEM Practitioners to Develop a Diverse Workforce

Computer Science Fuels the Future!

CSEdWeek LogoComputer Science Education Week 2012 (December 9 - 15) is a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness about the impact of computing, the richness of computing careers, and the critical need for computer science (CS) education. CSEdWeek is a call to action to inspire students and colleagues about CS education, to employ new and better strategies for engagement, and to connect with the broader community about the need for and value of CS education.

Last year, CSEdWeek was a success with more than 3,363 pledges of support and over 550 events and activities around the world. An amazing feat when noting that both these numbers doubled in comparison to 2010! We are hoping for even greater participation this year and believe - with your support - we can prove that computer science does indeed Fuel the Future!

The best place to start is the CSEdWeek website. You can view the events and activities pledged previously and tap into the wide variety of resources available to showcase computing and CS education. An example of a successful activity is hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Western Carolina University where high schools in the region compete in an annual programming contest.

Here's your step-by-step guide for getting started:


  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'Sign the Pledge'
  3. Enter the information requested and click 'submit'
  4. Choose to 'Host an event' or 'Carry out an activity' (or both!)
  5. Provide the event or activity details, click 'submit' and away you go!

The next steps include encouraging your students, colleagues, friends, and family to 'Sign the Pledge' to participate in CSEdWeek; using the resources available to you on the CSEdWeek website, especially the Event Planning Toolkit, to craft your event or activity; and being an advocate of CS education in your daily life.
CSEdWeek is successful because of passionate people just like you. We need you to continue this work so that CSEdWeek builds awareness and celebrates the essential role of CS education.

Computer Science Fuels the Future! Pledge your support today!


 CSEdWeek Twitter Conversation

Twitter Bird LogoTuesday, December 11, 6:00 PM Eastern
Join prominent figures from the computer science and technology community as CSEdWeek hosts a nationwide conversation on a variety of issues in computer science education. 

Follow #CSEdWeek to join in!

For more information and to add this event to your calendar, visit



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