September 2013

Can Do Day is all about celebrating the possibilities!  With that in mind, we are happy to introduce two new staff members and share their Can Do Day pledges! We hope you will be inspired to share your pledge on our Facebook page of what you can do on September 22nd! Let's celebrate the possibilities together!

Sue Byrne
Grants Writer

I'll be celebrating Can Do Day in my native country of Scotland, and I pledge to hike the rugged terrain of the Mull of Kintyre (while singing the song, of course!).

Cathy Ethington

Director of Development
To celebrate Can Do Day I'll be going for a personal record in the pool by swimming 1,500 meters without taking a break!

Learn more about Cathy and Sue on our Staff Bio Page.

Can Do Day is Sponsored By:
null "We were relieved to finally have a diagnosis, and although it wasn't something that I went around telling everyone, it wasn't something that I ever lied about or hid from anyone who was curious." - Amy S. CAN DO® Program Alumni 


Most of us spend our childhoods believing that our parents are superheroes - that they're indestructible, can do anything they want to, and can save our lives simply by putting a band-aid on a scrape. This belief often disappears quickly as we grow up. Unfortunately for some of us, it disappears for a much different reason. Amy Sleeper's dad, David, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was a junior in high school, even though he had been suffering...Read More
By: Thomas M. Stewart, M.S., J.D., PA-C  
According to the Social Security Administration, MS is the third most common neurological cause of disability, behind only stroke and epilepsy. Of course, the consequences of unemployment related to disability are numerous and potentially devastating. These consequences include poverty, lack of health care benefits, loss of professional identity, social isolation, and increased focus on pain and impairments...Of those who apply for disability benefits, only 37% are successful with their initial application. Read Article.
Saturday, October 5, 2013 - St. Charles, MO

We are excited to announce our fifth and final JUMPSTART Program of the year, scheduled for Saturday, October 5th at the St. Charles Convention Center in Missouri.

The programs have been filling up fast this year so don't delay; register today!

The JUMPSTART Program is an educational and interactive program where people with MS and their support partners learn the knowledge, skills and tools to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors and actively co-manage their MS. This JUMPSTART Program, held in collaboration with the National MS Society- Gateway Area Chapter, provides presentations, workshops and interactive sessions for participants to see themselves beyond the challenges of their MS.

Ask The Can Do Team
An online Q & A for people living with multiple sclerosis and their support partners to connect with our interdisciplinary team of MS experts.

Submitted by: Debbie H., Living with MS

I have deafness due to my MS. I guess it is rare so it's hard to find help. I have a hearing aid that makes things louder but not clearer.  I feel lonely in a crowd. Any tips for me?


Can Do MS Programs Consultants: David E. Jones, MD & Janet DeClark, MA, CCC-SLP

The first tip is to ensure that your deafness is due to multiple sclerosis because unfortunately, it is common for every symptom that an MS patient may experience to be attributed to the disease. Hearing loss can occur because of issues with...

Social Security: Understanding a
Critical Safety Net

Tuesday, September 10, 2013,
8:00 - 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time


Join MS expert Thomas Stewart in this interactive webinar about the benefits provided by the Social Security Administration to people who have become disabled through multiple sclerosis. Learn how to become engaged in the process to secure your deserved benefits.  




Click Here To Register  



Questions & Answers: Live with the Can Do Experts 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013,
8:00 - 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time


Join Can Do MS Program Consultants during this interactive hour-long webinar which will focus on answering your specific questions. You and/or your support partner will have a unique opportunity to speak directly with three experts (in the field of occupational therapy, neurology and psychology) about your experiences, questions and concerns with multiple sclerosis.


Click Here To Register


Can Do MS Webinar Series is made possible by:
28th Annual Autumn Benefit

Thursday, October 24, 2013 - New York, New York 


This year, we are honoring Grammy-winning country music star and founder of Band Against MS, Clay Walker at our Annual Autumn Benefit in New York City for his dedication to improving the lives of others with MS.


Click the video thumbnail below to learn more about Clay and his journey with MS. Tickets and sponsorships are still available!
Buy your ticket now!

For sponsorship & ticket inquiries, please contact:  
Cathy Ethington, Director of Development, by email or by phone 800-367-3101 ext. 1275 
25th Annual Alpen Wine Fest Wrap-Up

Sunday, September 1, 2013, Squaw Valley, CA


We couldn't have asked for better weather, wine and fun at the 25th Annual Alpen Wine Fest over Labor Day weekend!


Over 500 people attended the event, and we raised $32,000 for our lifestyle empowerment programs.  


Thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors including, Squaw Village Neighborhood Company, Uncorked Squaw Valley, Gallery Keoki, Richard Neustedter and Terry Owens-Alvarez. We couldn't have done it without you!  


We look forward to seeing you out there next year!


Can Do Day
How will you celebrate the possibilities?

Visit our Facebook to showcase your pledge!

September 22, 2013
28th Annual Autumn Benefit
This year, we are pleased to announce Clay Walker as our honoree! Clay is a platinum selling country music star and founder of Band Against MS.

October 24, 2013 
13th Annual Winter Wine & Ski Expo 
Enjoy wine, beer and sneak peeks at the latest gear while supporting our programs! 

November 20, 2013
Rolex "100" Raffle 
Your chance to be the lucky winner of a
 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II valued at $8,100! With only 100 tickets available, your odds couldn't be better!

  Drawing Date:
December 2, 2013
Did You Know?
Goals are often not accomplished because they are too big, vague or complicated. Make your goals attainable, simple and small.    
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Living With MS
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not going to fear
my future.

make others smile.

live each moment
to its fullest.

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