Lisa Niven Kelly's Spiro Pendant is one of our most popular designs and now that the class is FREE at, these beautiful pendants are everywhere!

Lisa has created a stacked version of the Spiro Pendant using a 14mm rivoli (instead of 18mm) and two layers of wire and blanks. This creates a more intricate look than the original pendant, and the technique is just as quick and easy. We think this pendant looks great oxidized, but you can leave the metal shiny if you prefer the look that is shown in our example. 

Here is what you'll need for this project: 
First, if you haven't already, watch this video for detailed instruction on weaving a basic Spiro Pendant. Once you have the basics down, the step-by-step photos below will show you how the stacked project comes together:
Stacked Spiro Pendant from Beaducation
See? It's just that easy! 
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