State Budget, Legislative Directory, Campground Rules
January 19, 2014

Dear WH&LA Lodging Member:

Over the coming months we will be sharing legislative and regulatory developments with you in a consolidated manner when possible, so you will likely find multiple unrelated topics covered, instead of a separate email for each, to respect the quantity of email that you each receive on a regular basis. We will try to note most topics in the subject line for your convenience, but many times there will be too many to do so, meaning that you may wish to open each
Capitol Insider to review the bolded topics covered to make sure that you do not miss something that impacts your property in particular. Every topic included will impact some, if not all, of our lodging members.

2015-2017 State Budget
Governor Scott Walker plans to unveil his State Budget Proposal, covering the next two years from July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2017, on Tuesday, February 3. This is the first step in passage of a State Budget by the end of June. The legislature's powerful Joint Finance Committee will begin review of the Governor's proposal, hold 4-6 public hearings around the state to gather public input, and then will propose their approved version to both the state Senate and Assembly. Both of these houses will then discuss it and pass their own version. As many times the versions will differ, a conference committee is formed with representatives from both houses to negotiate the differences, and send one agreed-upon same version back to both houses for their final approval before going back to the Governor for his signature (along with vetoes that he chooses to make). All of this needs to happen between February 3 and June 30, which is not an easy feat.

WH&LA reviews the entire usually over 500 page budget proposal at each stage of consideration, and evaluates components impacting our industry. We will share with you the primary highlights, and provide you a link to the more extensive language, should you wish to see more. 
DHS 178 Campground Rule Changes  
This pertains to lodging properties that also retain campground licenses for their cabins, camping units, or campground spaces on site. The Department of Health Services (DHS) has proposed numerous rule changes, in collaboration with WACO (Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners), intended in part to update the old rules to address more current campground practices and interests. The following information will provide a more clear picture of the changes and next steps: 
For those wishing to attend or speak at one of the hearings, the dates are February 10 (Green Bay); February 11 (Rhinelander); February 12 (Eau Claire), February 18 (Madison); and February 20 (Waukesha). Click on the Hearing Notice above for further details.

New WH&LA Legislative Directory
We are pleased to share with you, as a convenient service just for our members, the brand new 2015/16 WH&LA Legislative Directory, a handy guide you can print and store for your reference in the new two-year session. This provides contact information for Wisconsin legislators at the Federal Level as well as State Level, in addition to listing who is on what State Committee, and key agency contacts. As there are always a few changes part way through the session (such as following the special election to replace former state Senator Grothman, who is now in Congress), we will continue to keep updated versions at the WH&LA website that you can readily access.


Contact: Trisha Pugal
Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association