State & Federal Election Results Overview
November 5, 2014 

Today we are providing you with two separate overviews of yesterday's election results that we think will be helpful: 


1. WH&LA Contract Lobbyist Kathi Kilgore prepared an "Analysis of November General Election Results" that covers our state elections, along with elections of Wisconsin's Congressional offices. 


2. A .pdf of the "AH&LA Elections Spotlight - Post-Election Edition" that went out to all AH&LA members a few hours ago. While the version direct from AH&LA has numerous live links, those who are members of WH&LA who are not members of AH&LA will be able to view the written interpretations (which we are permitted to share as we are a "Partner State" that pays dues), but readers will not be able to access the live links from this version.

The results of the elections will have a considerable impact on our issues moving into 2015, both on the state and federal levels. WH&LA will continue to provide updates in our WH&LA Capitol Insider as we work to pursue our industry priorities in the coming sessions.


Contact: Trisha Pugal
Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association