Wisconsin Candidates for Nov. 4 Elections
September 5, 2014 


Dear WH&LA Lodging Member:


You may recall that a few months ago we had sent you a WH&LA customized roster of all candidates for state or federal office in Wisconsin as a resource for you before the August Primary to enable you to get to know your state office and congressional candidates before Primary voting.

The Primaries resulted in a few closely contested races, with all but one (Assembly District 87) now finalized. With the November 4 Election closing in, we thought you might appreciate our hot-off-the-press post-primary Wisconsin Candidates for Office guide to ensure that you have access to the candidates who will appear on your ballot, way in advance.

From the Governor's & Lt. Governor's race to Wisconsin Congressional races to State Assembly races to State Senate races to the State Attorney General race, the candidates you see listed will be the only choices for offices that can directly impact your business in the coming term. From this group you will be represented by individuals who will vote on such issues as State Tourism Marketing Funding, whether or not there is Room Tax Reform passed to help grow local tourism, whether the state Minimum Wage will increase for your employees and whether there will be new mandates on benefits you must offer for employees, and much more.

Please take advantage of the next two months to get to know more about your candidates, by attending local campaign fundraisers, asking them for a few minutes to meet with them at your property (giving them a tour, where they see and meet your employees will put a face on your property, in addition to consideration as a local tourism business contributing to the local economy), reading info posted at their campaign websites, and more. And of course, please vote on November 4! For your reference, the WH&LA Wisconsin Lodging Conference & Trade Show November 2-4 at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells, concludes at noon, providing everyone with sufficient time to get home to vote before the polls close.

We hope that you find our easy-to-read guide helpful as the Election nears.



Contact: Trisha Pugal
Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association