State & Federal Elections Info 
June 13, 2014 


Dear WH&LA Lodging Member:  

June 2 was the deadline for candidates for office to submit their petitions and papers to run in the election. The following are some key facts this year: 
  • Only the odd-numbered State Senate Districts are up for election this year, while all State Assembly and Federal House of Representative Districts are up for election in 2014. Neither of our Federal Senators are up for election this year.
  • There are six (6) State Senators and twenty (20) State Assembly Representatives not running for re-election this year, due to running for other elected positions, or for other reasons. This is a higher than usual count.
  • Two (2) State Senators and thirty-eight (38) State Assembly Representatives are running unopposed, meaning of course that they are considered "safe" to return in January.
  • The primaries will be held on Tuesday, August 12 this year, while past primaries were in September.
  • The general Elections will be Tuesday, November 3
For your convenience, WH&LA has prepared a list of all Wisconsin Candidates for Election, which includes state-level and federal-level positions, with a list of candidates for each district position, noting their party affiliation. You can see at a glance whether your legislators are running unopposed, OR with only one candidate per party (not included in a primary ballot), OR with multiple candidates from one or more parties (requiring inclusion in a primary ballot). If you are uncertain of your districts at the state or federal level,  just enter your address at the following state site:

We strongly encourage you to learn more about the candidates in your districts before the primary (if applicable in your district) or at least before the Election. If you have an opportunity to meet them at a local meeting, a fundraiser, or through others, please take advantage of this, not only so that you can choose who you wish to support and vote for, but also so that when they are elected they will know you, should you contact them on issues of importance.

Some members have asked how they can tell if a candidate will be supportive of the lodging and tourism industry. If you can get a minute or two to speak with them, the easiest way is to mention that in the State of Wisconsin, for every dollar the state invests in state tourism marketing, there is a $6 Return-On-Investment (ROI), bringing six dollars back to the state in tax revenues! Then ask if they would support an increase in state tourism marketing funding in the state budget if they are elected, to not only grow the tourism industry in our state, but to help provide needed additional funding for other key state needs. This should help you to understand where they would stand, if elected.

Please be sure to vote this year, whether in the Primary, the Election, or both if applicable! It is well worth your time, both personally and for your industry.

We also want to remind you to renew your membership, if you have received a mailed or email notice and have not already returned your renewal. We look forward to continuing our communications and services to you and your property.



Contact: Trisha Pugal
Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association