January 2014

Remembering Darrel Kipp

Darrel Kipp will long be remembered as an innovator and active leader in the Crown of the Continent region.  A graduate of Browning High School and Harvard, Kipp was an accomplished documentary film maker, writer, researcher, community organizer, and the founder of Piegan Institute. Please read more about Mr. Kipp here.

Dear Friends, 

The Leadership Team of the Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent wishes you all the best in 2014! 
This letter summarizes news from the region in November and December of 2013. Eight eight more regular news updates will be coming your way this year.  
We welcome two new members to the Roundtable Leadership Team, Jim Stone of the Blackfoot Challenge in Ovando, MT, and Melissa Weatherwax of the Blackfeet Community College in Browning, MT. We are grateful for the many contributions from Dylan Boyle of the Crown of the Continent Geotourism Council, who is taking a new position and phasing off the Leadership Team.


Please mark your calendars for the 5th Annual Conference of the Roundtable of the Crown of the Continent! It will be held in beautiful Waterton, Alberta on September 10-12, 2014 at the Bayshore Inn. You will see many updates in the coming months at crownroundtable.org.


Also click here for an introduction to our sixteen new Adaptive Management Initiative (AMI) research projects selected by a diverse review team last month. The projects will implement a collaborative climate adaptation program throughout the Crown of the Continent. We thank the Kresge Foundation for $300,000 of funding to support these implementation projects.   


And a final reminder: The conference webpage has been updated to include the summary report, participant list, agenda, presentations, and breakout discussion summaries from the 4th annual September 2013 conference in East Glacier. There, you can follow links to five key Crown of the Continent themes: 

Friends of the Crown
Friends of the Crown is an informal network of people and organizations that support the Statement of Values and Principles

Become a Friend of the Crown and join a network of organizations & individuals working to enhance the Crown of the Continent - 
"Common vision and values encapsulate the core identity of a culture. 

[We are] proud to support this effort to clarify critical land use and stewardship understanding in order to create a sustainable, resilient, and positive future for our collective communities in the Crown." 

- Friend of the Crown

Roundtable Leadership Team:
Clayton Matt
Culture Co-Chair, 
Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes 
Stephen Legault 
Conservation Co-Chair, 
Crown of the Continent Conservation Initiative
Anne Dahl
Swan Ecosystem Center
Ian Dyson 
Crown Managers Partnership,
Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development 
Shannon Frank 
Oldman Watershed Council 
Dorothy First Rider 
Kainai / Blood Tribe 
Dave Hillary 
Kootenay Conservation Program 
Alan Rollo
Sun River & Teton River Watershed Groups
Erin Sexton
Crown Managers Partnership, 
The University of Montana Flathead Lake Biological Station 
John T. Shannon 
U.S. Forest Service Regions 1 & 4 
Jim Stone
Blackfoot Challenge
Paul Travis
Glacier National Park Conservancy 
Melissa Weatherwax
Blackfeet Nation
Matthew McKinney
Roundtable Co-Director,
Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy
Gary Tabor
Roundtable Co-Director, 
Center for Large Landscape Conservation
Neighborhood News

The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes have a new chairman and four new members on its 10-person Tribal Council following December 2013 elections. Missoulian, December 18.


Okotoks council votes to pursue Calgary water supply.

Okotoks Council investigates piping treated water south from Calgary to ensure future supply, shelving the alternatives it has been considering. Calgary Herald, November 26.


A Rancher and a Conservationist form an unlikely alliance 

in the Blackfoot River watershed. NPR, Novemer 15.


Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation is launching an initiative to update the Montana State Water Plan. Citizens in the Clark Fork, Yellowstone, Upper Missouri, and Lower Missouri River basin can engage in the planning process and provide recommendations. Learn more.
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This section features stories and updates from people and groups working around the Crown. If you didn't get a chance to speak at the 2013 conference or weren't able to attend, it's not to late to share -- Submit your story today!
Updates and stories will be included on a first come, first serve basis.
Regional News

The Miistakis Institute has launched a new web-based resource about conservation easements for landownersThis link is being shared with conservation organizations, land owner groups and municipalities around Alberta so it can be made widely available to a landowners.  


Editorial: Hunters and anglers need to act on climate change. Missoulian, December 13.

U.S-Canada treaty governing dams, water up for review. U.S. and Canadian officials laid out competing agendas for updating the 50-year treaty that governs power generation and flood-control along the Columbia River and its tributaries. 

Lethbridge Biogas partly funded by Alberta carbon tax revenue.
 Lethbridge Biogas, the largest anaerobic digester co-generation facility in Canada, opened in Lethbridge last week. The $30 million facility will power 2,800 homes. Beacon News December 9.

Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation Releases Annual Report. The Alberta-based CCEMC) released its 2012/2013 annual report that features 12 new renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. In total, the CCEMC now supports 51 active clean tech projects with $213 million in committed funding. 4-Traders, December 23.

Montana tribes will be the first to own a hydroelectric dam. The three tribes of the Flathead Reservation may see significant economic and cultural benefits.

Aboriginal culture, history keys to expanding local tourism: report. Alberta is aiming to drive up its tourism revenue by more than 30 per cent over the next seven years, hoping to attract enough visitors to make the industry worth $10.3 billion by 2020. 
Beyond the Region

Heitkamp and Alberta's premier discuss Keystone XL.  WASHINGTON - Continuing a push from North Dakota's political delegation for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., welcomed Alberta's premier to Washington last week in an effort to bolster U.S.-Canadian energy relations.- See more at: Prairie Business, December 30 

Alberta's Flood tops Environment Canada's list of top weather. Canada's top weather stories for 2013 from Environment Canada, ranked on the degree to which Canada and Canadians were impacted, the extent of the area affected, economic effects and longevity as a top news story: 1. Alberta's super flood in June that washed across one-quarter of the province and through the heart of Calgary, cutting off dozens of communities and prompting the evacuation of about 100,000 Albertans. The Windsor Star, December 19.

The USDA Forest Service announces recent publication of its White Pine Blister Rust General Ecology and Management reportRead full report. 

The National Park Service has released the publication Using Scenarios to Explore Climate Change: A Handbook for Practitioners. Developed under the National Park Service Climate Change Response Strategy, this guide is part of an interdisciplinary, cross-cutting approach to addressing climate change. The overall program supports National Park Service efforts to understand climate science in national parks and surrounding areas and to adapt to a changing climate to promote the resiliency of our cultural and natural heritage. Actively engaging ourselves and our audiences in park stewardship is a key ingredient of the climate change communication strategy and an integral component in addressing the effects of climate change.
Upcoming Events
The Crown Managers Partnership (CMP) will hold its 14th annual forum in Missoula, Montana on March 17-19, 2014. The forum is titled Climate Change Adaptation in the Crown of the Continent EcosystemFor more information, visit the CMP website.


The 85th annual conference of the Northwest Scientific Association will be held March 26-29, 2014 at the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana. This year we will be holding a joint meeting with the UM College of Forestry & Conservation - Plum Creek Lecture Series, the Montana Wetland Council, U.S. Forest Service, and the Northwest Lichenologists.  Our theme is:  The Future of Forests & Forest Management: Change, Uncertainty, & Adaptation.   Invited keynote and banquet speakers will include Dr. Steve Running & Dr. Richard Waring.Click here to learn more.



Planning in the West Webinars: Learning from Local GovernmentsScenario Planning and Climate Change

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If you have an event or news item, an update from your group, or just a great picture to share, please send that information to Sue@climateconservation.org by January 24 for inclusion in the February 2014 newsletter.