May 2013

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Miistakis Institute / Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent:
are conducting a survey ecosystem services (ES) and ecosystem services based programs in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. Survey results will inform a report on the level of awareness about using an ES approach, examples of ES projects, and areas where the Roundtable and others may be able to add value to an ES approach within the CCE. Participate in the survey.
has awarded two research fellowships to graduate students studying the effect of glacier loss on alpine vegetation and regeneration of whitebark pine in Glacier National Park.
are collaborating on local, regional, and national events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. To help plan an event or learn more about events in the Crown, click on the link above.
Students have a chance to spend two weeks in Glacier
and Yellowstone National Parks learning about climate variability and how ranchers, conservationists, and foresters are adapting to change. For registration information, students should visit the website.
Regional News
B.C. orders Teck Coal to submit selenium plan
A technical advisory committee will help Teck develop a plan for dealing with high levels of selenium and other contaminants. 

Expert warns against commercial logging near Star Creek
A local scientist is concerned that proposed logging will harm critical grizzly and cutthroat trout habitat, but Provincial officials say the logging is not commercial, and is part of a study to help understand the relationship between logging practices and the affects on water quality/quantity.

Big Sky tourism on the upswing
Over half of the travel-related businesses in the Glacier Park region and Rocky Mountain Front expect an increase in non-resident visitors, in part, due to out of state advertising.

Citizens passionate about Front
On a natural resource tour of Montana, US Representative Daines stopped in Choteau for a listening session on the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act. Daines has yet to come out in support of or against the Heritage Act. 

Battle over Flathead water rights faces specter of litigation
After bills to ratify the water compact failed in committee, the tribes have to decide if they want to continue negotiations or pursue litigation. A bill that would extend the Montana Compact Commission for another two years has passed in the House and the Senate.

Norstra Energy enters JOA for South Sun River Project
Summit West Oil, LLC has been chosen as the operator for the first three wells. Exact drill locations have yet to be chosen.

Budget sequestration puts an end to Youth Conservation Corps
Due to federal cuts, Creston Fish Hatchery, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, and Salish Kootenai College are not able to host a local Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) this summer. The YCC provides natural resource related work experience for high school students.
Southern Alberta land-use plan raises ire of off-road users
The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan will guide future development and conservation for 83,764 sq km between Calgary and the US/Canada border, but many are concerned the plan will close the region to off-road vehicles and car-camping.

Construction a boon for Montana mill: Lumber industry experiences boom as housing market recovers
As the housing market recovers and with homebuilding on the rise, timber industry jobs are also on the rise. After a four-year shutdown, Plum Creek Timber mill in Evergreen now has a 30-person payroll.
Beyond the Region
President proposes $1.2 Billion for BLM in Fiscal Year 2014
The proposed budget would increase funding for America's Great Outdoors - an initiative to reconnect Americans to the outdoors and support landscape-scale conservation. The Crown of the Continent is one of the priority landscapes for the AGO.

First Nations claim coercion as Harper makes aid contingent on legislation support
New wording on aid agreements, including the "removal of a clause acknowledging and protecting existing treaty rights" has led to controversy and claims of coercion.

Carbon levy talks in early stages, Alberta environment minister confirms
According to a written statement, "We are currently in the early stages of exploring a variety of options through a collaborative process..." to develop a plan with specific targets for reducing greenhouse emissions.

Canada among world's top 10 tourist destinations
Scenery, such as the Rocky Mountains, and cultural heritage help make Canada an ideal tourist destination. 

B.C. grants $1.7 million to fight invasive plants
Local governments and regional invasive species committees are recieving provincial grants for implementing the Invasive Plant Program.

Premiers announce steps to push ahead on Canadian Energy Strategy
Alberta will lead talks with several other provinces on energy infrastructure, regulation, market diversification, environmental issues, technology and innovation, and delivery.

Baucus announces he won't run again
Montana Senator Max Baucus announced that he won't seek reelection in 2014. He plans to spend his remaining time in office promoting the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act and the North Fork Watershed Protection Act.
Warming temperatures could lead to a 200% increase in vineyards in western Montana. The switch to grapes, however, could adversely affect wildlife.
Daylight triggers the shift from brown to white fur in snowshoe hares, but the hares appear to have more control over their spring molt.

This article examines the impact of climate change to tribes by providing the "cultural context for the importance of traditional foods to tribal culture, recognizing that tribal access to traditional food resources is strongly influenced by the legal and regulatory relationship with the federal government, and examining the multi-faceted relationship that tribes have with places, ecological processes and species."
Upcoming Events

May 17, Bozeman, MT


Rocky Mountain Partner Workshop on Climate Adaptation and Cold Water Systems

Workshop on adaptation planning and linking science to actions.

June 4 - 5, Bozeman, MT


Council on Forest Engineering: Annual Meeting

July 7 - 10, 2013, Missoula, MT


M2D: Milltown to Downtown Float

Community float to celebrate the removal of Milltown Dam, convened by the Clark Fork Coalition

August 3, 2013, Missoula, MT


4th Annual Conference

Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent

September 11 - 13, 2013, Glacier Park Lodge, East Glacier Park, MT 


6th Montana Economic Development Summit

September 16 - 17, Butte, MT


2013 Watershed Symposium

20 Years Together: Looking Back, Moving Forward

October 15 - 17, Missoula, MT


For more upcoming events, visit the Crown of the Continent Geotourism - Calendar of Events


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