April 2013

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Crown of the Continent Conservation Initiative
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Former Director, MT Department of Natural Resources and Conservation  
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Center for Large Landscape Conservation
Neighborhood News
This section features stories and updates from people and groups working around the Crown - submit your story today!
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Sun River Watershed Group: 
Teamwork, time, and $40 million dollars are increasing water quality and quantity in the Sun River Watershed. Read more about their work. Great Falls Tribune, March 18, 2013
Glacier National Park Conservancy: 
An additional four projects in Glacier National Park - museum storage, constructing overlook at Redrocks parking area, bearproof storage lockers, and support for youth volunteer groups - have been awarded $30,000 by the Board of Trustees. Read full press release.
Trust for Public Land: 
Doody Homestead was purchased and transferred to the National Park Service, ensuring that boaters and other visitors will be able to visit the homestead and learn about its colorful history. Read more and watch the video.

Heart of the Rockies Initiative:

Our member partners completed a great amount of work in the Crown in 2012, securing another 35,330 acres through voluntary agreements with 20 different landowners. Read more about Heart of the Rockies projects & partners. 


Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes: 
The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes seek to "identify climate change's potential impacts, risks and vulnerabilities, develop climate change adaptation strategies and an implementation plan." Read full story. Valley Journal, March 6, 2013
Regional News
Aquatic species revamp planned
A draft bill would clarify roles in a boat inspection program and provide additional funding to combating invasive species. Read full story. Daily Interlake, March 6, 2013
Anshutz oil firm ends exploration on Blackfeet Reservation in Montana
After analyzing samples from 14 exploratory wells, Anshutz has decided not to "support further exploration or development interest." Read full story. Denver Post, March 20, 2013
Industry meeting to help battle invasives
The Municipal District of Ranchland's will host its annual stakeholder and industry meeting on April 23 to find joint solutions to fighting hawkweed and other invasive species. 
Read full story. Nanton News, March 14, 2013
Flathead water compact foes, supporters flood House committee hearing
Supporters and opponents of HB 629, a bill that would ratify the CSKT water compact, testified for over two hours in Helena. Concerned that the bill won't pass, the bill's original sponsor has introduced a bill calling for two years to study the water compact. Read full story. Billings Gazette, March 27, 2013
Crown of the Continent field study focuses on elusive carnivores
A collaborative study on rare and threatened carnivores "will help inform land management decisions when planning for forest thinning, timber sales, fuel reduction and restoration." Read full story. Ravalli Republic, March 24, 2013
Bull trout on the rebound in western Montana waters
Over 60 anglers and guides gathered at the Clark Fork Coalition office for a presentation on bull trout and their recovery status. Read full story. Missoulian, March 13, 2013
Beyond the Region
Renewable energy advoacte thinks Montana's wind industry has a bright future
Rachel Shimshak, Executive Director of the Renewable Northwest Project talks about the "benefits of new wind development - and the obstacles to that development." Read full story. Montana Public Media, March 6, 2013    

Daines aims to protect North Fork

Representative Daines announced that he will introduce a bill that would "would place 400,000 acres of Flathead National Forest lands adjacent to Glacier National Park off limits to hard-rock mining, coal mining, and oil and gas 'fracking.'" Read full story. Daily Inter Lake, March 29, 2013
A new model of watershed-scale aquatic monitoring from the Crown of the Continent: Quantifying the benefits of watershed restoration in the face of climate change

Safe Havens, Safe Passages for Vulnerable Fish and Wildlife: Critical Landscapes in the Southern Canadian Rockies British Columbia and Montana
This report assesses the habitat needs of six critical species and the conservation value of land in the Southern Rockies. Read the press release. Read the full report. View John Weaver's presentation of his work at the Crown Managers Partnership's Annual Forum

Transboundary Flathead River: Water Quality and Aquatic Life Use
This study examined "potential environmental effects of proposed coal mining" and reveals toxic levels of metals and sediments downstream of existing mining activities. Read the press release. Read the full report.
Upcoming Events

M2D: Milltown to Downtown Float

Community float to celebrate the removal of Milltown Dam, convened by the Clark Fork Coalition

August 3, 2013


4th Annual Conference

Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent

Glacier Park Lodge, East Glacier Park, MT

September 11 - 13, 2013 


For more upcoming events, visit the Crown of the Continent Geotourism - Calendar of Events


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