February 2013

The Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent is an ongoing forum to bring together people who care about the future of the Crown of the Continent. Through workshops, forums, and annual conferences, the Roundtable provides opportunities for agencies, non-governmental organizations, local governments, and place-based partnerships to build relationships, share information, and explore opportunities to work together to sustain the natural and cultural heritage of the Crown of the Continent.  
In addition to those programs, the Roundtable will also provide a monthly newsletter which will consist of summaries and links to news articles, events, and updates from groups working around the Crown. 
Newsletters will be sent out on the first Monday of every month for a nine month trial period. 

If you have an event or news item to share, please send that information to Molly Stenovec by February 22 for inclusion in the March newsletter. 


All newsletters will be archived on the Crown Roundtable website (www.crownroundtable.org).

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Friends of the Crown
Friends of the Crown is an informal network of people and organizations that support the Statement of Values and Principles

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Regional News

IDB reaches out to officials, industry

Fayetteville/Lincoln County Industrial Development Board officials will be hosting quarterly lunches for community leaders and industry reps so Board officials can communicate their activities and receive feedback. Read full story.

Elk Valley Times, January 23, 2013


Forest Service moving ahead with Lolo timber project

The Colt Summit Project, a collaboratively designed project by local stakeholders, governments, communities and conservationists, is a "combination of logging and burning timber, decommissioning roads or converting them to trails and treating noxious weeds." Federal funding for the project was received through the1.5-million-acre Southwestern Crown of the Continent restoration project. Read full story.

Billings Gazette, January 20, 2013


Concerned residents reinforce objections to logging in Castle wilderness region

Although phases 2 and 3 have been put on temporary hold, phase 1 logging is still underway. Opponents to the logging are asking the province to permanently halt phases 2 and 3 and to review how provincial logging plans are developed. Read full story

Lethbridge Herald, January 21, 2013


Agreement would see BC share resource riches with Ktunaxa First Nation

British Columbia and Ktunaxa First Nation signed an agreement to split mining revenues on future mining projects or expansions to current projects. Although it is uncertain how much revenue this agreement will generate for the Ktunaxa, this "agreement is an example of revenue-sharing that all First Nations are striving to achieve." Read full story
Vancouver Sun, January 29, 2013 

Beyond the Region
Tester sees hope for outdoors and forestry bills

Tester is cautiously optimistic about reviving two bills from his first term - Forest Jobs and Recreation Act and the Sportsmen's Act - but acknowledges that little progress will be made until the budget crisis in Washington is resolved. Read full story. Read the full bill and learn more about the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act.

Flathead Beacon, January 9, 2013


Alberta facing $6B shortfall in energy revenues

Since oil and gas revenue constitutes 30% of the provincial budget, Albert Premier Allison Redford is bracing Albertans for cutbacks and looking to find ways to avoid budget shortfalls in the future. Read full story.

Global News, January 24, 2013

Neighborhood News
The fall magazine features photos and stories on restoration, history, and conservation in the Crown. Future issues will focus on the Crown and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
This section will feature stories and updates from people and groups working around the Crown - submit your story today!
Updates and stories will be included on a first come, first serve basis.
The effect of protected federal lands on economic prosperity in the non-metropolitan West
According to this report, every 10,000 acres of federal protected lands within a non-metro county correlates to higher per capita income. This analysis will "give businesses, local officials, and community leaders a better understanding of one way that protected federal lands provide their county with a competitive and economic advantage." Read full report by Headwaters Economics.
Montana's Rocky Mountain Front
This study "reviews the proposed Rocky Mountain Heritage Act and its potential impact on the Front's economic future, then discusses how to best leverage the area's existing economic assets - stunning landscapes, transportation hubs, relatively high average earnings and per capita income, and overall stability - to enhance future economic growth and prosperity." Read full report by Headwaters Economics. Read the full legislative text.
Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Ecosystem Services: Technical Input to the 2013 National Climate Assessment

The peer-reviewed report synthesizes the scientific understanding of the way climate change is affecting ecosystems, ecosystem services and the diversity of species, as well as what strategies might be used by natural resource practitioners to decrease current and future risks. Read the full report.


Climate Change Policy, US Department of the Interior

This chapter "establishes Departmental policy and provides guidance to bureaus and offices for addressing climate change impacts." Read the full chapter and report.


Pathways to Prosperity: The Natural Roots of Economic Success in the Crown of the Continent

This report features stories of eight different people and explores "what we hold in common across our borders, and what it means to live and work in the Crown." Read the full report.


Parks, Peace, and Partnerships: Global Initiatives in Transboundary Collaboration

Editors Michael S. Quinn, Len Broberg, & Wayne Freimund 

Parks, Peace, and Partnerships is a recently published (December 2012) collection of essays showcasing collaboration and transboundary partnerships in the Crown and around the world. The book is available for purchase through online retailers or as an open access eBook

Upcoming Events

Source to Tap Community Meetings

A series of community meetings to develop the Headwaters Action Plan for the headwaters of the Oldman Watershed. The first meeting will be held February 27 at Springpoint Hall. View full schedule and meeting details.

For more information, contact Jacquie Nelson (jnbeeflady@gmail.comor Carole Stark (carole@water-matters.org).

February - March 2013


Donor Cultivation Strategies Webinar

February 6, 2013


Crown Managers Annual Forum

Large Landscapes: Working Across Boundaries

Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort, Cranbrook, BC

March 5 - 7, 2013


National Adaptation Forum

The National Adaptation Forum will feature professional development, presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities with a focus on shifting from climate adaptation planning to adaptation action.

Denver, CO 

April 2-4, 2013 


*Save the date* 

4th Annual Conference on the Crown of the Continent

East Glacier Lodge, East Glacier, MT

September 11 - 13, 2013 


Please send feedback, upcoming events, or information that should be included in the next newsletter to Molly Stenovec. Deadline for submitting information is February 22.