Santa Clara Baseball Newsletter
December 11, 2012

Save the Date Postcard 

Meet the Future of Bronco Baseball: Kevin George


George, Kevin
Kevin George Signs with
Santa Clara Baseball

Continuing to introduce players to sign National Letters of Intent, Santa Clara baseball introduces Kevin George of Petaluma, Calif. He will graduate from Casa Grande High School in 2013. 


"One of the biggest factors that drew me to the Santa Clara baseball program was the old-school philosophy," said George. "Santa Clara plays the game the right way with a ton of respect for its history. I love the old school baggy uniforms. The coaches are great and have shown they really want to develop their players both on and off the field. Also, the stadium and player facilities are extremely nice and the weather is great for baseball..."


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I am talking to you!!!
By Gabe Ribas
Assistant Coach 

oakland A's


I will admit it, I am becoming crotchety in my old age.  At the ripe age of 32 I find myself readily saying, "kids these days!"  I sit back and reminisce about the way things were, and how tough "my" generation is, as compared to the kids we coach.  "Generation Y is so entitled," this, and "these kids are just soft," that, and so on and so forth.


What I am figuring out, is that the problem isn't with the kids, the problem is how we as their mentors, communicate with them. Teenagers now are roughly the same as they were 10 years ago, but the language they speak, a language driven by technology, is hard for us crusty veterans in our 30's and over to understand.


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RD Academy Hosting Trainings, Camps and Clinics in January


smith, j
Winter Pitching Clinic
January 27, 2013
RD Academy at Santa Clara University is one of the best avenues to get exposure to top level NCAA Division I Baseball. "We aren't just here to evaluate players," said Santa Clara Head Coach Dan O'Brien. "We work extremely hard as a staff to give players a great experience, top level instruction, and total exposure to our baseball program and one of the best Universities in the country."

RD Academy Upcoming Events:
  • January 8: Advanced Hitting Training begins
  • January 9: Advanced Pitching Training begins
  • January 9: Advanced Catching Training begins
  • January 12-13: High School Showcase Camp
  • January 27: Winter Pitching Clinic
For more information and to register, please visit us online at:

Systemic Failure In College Athletics Management

By Darren Heitner

Gene Chiz
A year-and-a-half ago, former Auburn football head coach Gene Chizik was celebrated at the White House for winning a BCS National Championship


Famed business consultant and educator Jim Collins wrote that "Good is the enemy of Great" when it comes to building successful organizations. Nowhere has this prophetic idea proved more true than in college athletics, a business where the concept of success has been tainted by the delusional notions of grandeur of leadership that lacks a fundamental understanding of the importance that culture plays in building something great.


Collins' research proves that organizational greatness, whether it is a Fortune 500 company or a college football team, is a function not of circumstance but of conscious choice and sustained discipline to build a lasting culture of success. Modern day college athletics has totally abandoned this idea, and instead looked for the impossible "quick fix" solution...


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