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CYBRA Moves Up
in Yonkers and Expands
in Erie County




CYBRA Corporation is pleased to announce the relocation of its corporate headquarters from suburban Westchester to a historic 19th-century factory in the heart of the revitalized Yonkers Waterfront District, and an expansion of the company's West Seneca sales and development center in Erie County. 


Moving Up in Yonkers


The modern passenger "Safety Elevator" was invented by Elisha Otis, of Yonkers New York, who created a high speed braking system to keep the elevator from falling if the support cable broke. He demonstrated this at the New York World's Fair in 1854, by standing personally in a doorless elevator before a crowd while an axeman cut the rope before a horrified audience. The elevator fell only a couple of inches before coming to a solid stop. After that, the Otis Safety Elevator Company only had one direction...up. 

CYBRA's new headquarters is at 28 Wells Avenue, home of the first Otis Elevator Company factory, constructed in 1853. The space features 22-foot ceilings, original brick walls, loft windows, and hardwood floors. The light-filled property is a great new home for CYBRA, combining turn-of-the-century architecture and  a heritage of innovation. In addition to Otis, other famous Yonkers inventors include Leo Baekeland who invented synthetic plastic Bakelite in 1906 and Edwin Armstrong who invented FM radio broadcasting in 1912.


CYBRA becomes the latest company to join the quickly expanding and redeveloped 24-acre technology and office campus on the Yonkers Waterfront known as i.Park Hudson. CYBRA joins such industry leaders as Mindspark (a division of IAC), Kawasaki Rail Car, Contrafect, and the Energy Project who have made i.Park their home. 28 Wells Avenue is located just steps from the Yonkers station overlooking the Hudson River and the Palisades, on the Metro North Hudson rail line.


Expanding in Erie County


Beginning in 1825, the Erie Canal was the first transportation system between the eastern seaboard (New York City) and the western interior (Great Lakes) of the United States. It was faster than carts pulled by draft animals, and cut transport costs by about 95%. The canal fostered a population surge in western New York State, opened regions farther west to settlement.


Soon CYBRA will move into an all-new expanded sales and development center in West Seneca, New York, a suburb of Buffalo, the western terminus of the Erie Canal. The new facility at 954 Union Road, will triple the company's Erie County presence. 
Construction is underway on the center which will include space for additional sales, support, and development personnel and a larger, state of the art RFID lab. The lab which is used to test the company's EdgeMagic RFID solutions will house CYBRA's high speed material handling conveyor system installed with sensors and fixed RFID readers from CYBRA's partners.    


The new CYBRA Erie County center will include classrooms for EdgeMagic and MarkMagic training, and an advanced print server network where dozens of supported thermal, laser, plastic card, fabric, and RFID printers will always be on line ready for testing new MarkMagic features and helping support the company's thousands of customers.
CYBRA's new addresses are:
CYBRA Corporation
28 Wells Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10701

Coming soon: 
CYBRA Corporation
954 Union Road
Suite 5
West Seneca, NY 14224 



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V.P., Solutions
CYBRA Corporation
28 Wells Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10701
Tel 914-963-6600 x 209
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