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Newsletter | January 2014
ELC Lawsuit Returns Homeless Students to School
Teenage brothers, who were disenrolled from the Easton Area School District because their family was experiencing homelessness, are back in school as a result of legal action by the Education Law Center.

The Law Center filed the case in early December when the students - one of whom is in 12th grade - were abruptly disenrolled from Easton Area High School because they lived with their parents in a camper outside the district.

"The federal McKinney-Vento Act requires school districts to continue to educate students experiencing homelessness even when they are living outside their prior district. The Act also requires the state to ensure that school districts comply with this law in part by resolving enrollment disputes," said Maura McInerney, ELC Senior Staff Attorney. Read more...
ELC Launches New Website
The Education Law Center recently unveiled a new website, featuring added content-sharing capabilities and social media connections, as well as improved document search options:
ELC Leads National Effort To Improve Educational Outcomes of Children in Foster Care
As a leading member of the National Working Group on Foster Care and Education and the Legal Center on Foster Care and Education, ELC will participate in a national briefing on Jan. 28 that will draw attention to the educational needs of children in the child welfare system.  Learn more.

We need to find a formula for school funding success

Patriot-News Op-Ed - January 6, 2014 - By Joseph Bard, Jim Buckheit, Jay Himes, Nathan Mains, J. Hugh Dwyer

The time has come to treat public education as a bipartisan issue that has benefits for all children, regardless of where they attend school in this Commonwealth.

As state leaders come to Harrisburg to begin the 2014 legislative session on Tuesday, January 7, we need them to work together in the best interest of children in every region of our state. We cannot continue to invest in education for some and not all schools.

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