WINTER 2016  |  Quarterly E-Newsletter

Thank you for your interest in the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association (HCBA). Please enjoy our quarterly e-newsletter. 
A Year in Review
A Record 40 Seminars Hosted
These free educational seminars are scheduled throughout Chicago to help residents of vintage homes properly maintain and care for their homes.
50 Community Meetings Attended
Through partnerships with neighborhood organizations and aldermanic wards we are able to effectively educate and provide grants to households throughout Chicago.
2,849 Rain Barrels Distributed
In partnership with the Metropolitan Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, HCBA helped manage stormwater in Chicago by distributing close to 3,000 rain barrels to 1,051 households.
240 Energy Saving Grants Awarded
HCBA facilitated 240 free Energy Saving Grants, helping make homes less drafty and more efficient through measures including attic insulation, air sealing and replacement of old appliances.
9,415 Chicago Bungalows Certified
Through locating and mapping bungalows in Chicago we are able to discover potential Bungalow Historic Districts and improve our outreach to bungalow owners.

414 New Members Joined HCBA
We continue to expand our network of bungalow and vintage homeowners throughout Chicago, and thank you for your continued interest in our programming! Have a wonderful 2016!
Spring Seminars Coming Your Way!
We want to thank those of you who attended our educational seminars this past Fall! Your continued interest and participation during the 3-month-long series made it a success.
Of the 12 seminars, the highlight was our new "Bungalow Maintenance Panel: Ask Our Specialists!" in which homeowners were able to ask important questions and gain knowledge from 7 specialists in a variety of home improvement fields. Attendees were also the first to receive our brand new Bungalow Maintenance 101 booklet. Whether you attended or were unable to make it to the event, please enjoy this video documentation of the discussion!
The seminar was a hit, and we plan to host similar panels in future series. In fact, planning is underway for the upcoming seminar season! The Spring 2016 Seminar Series will begin in mid-February and continue through June. Seminar topics are chosen based on your feedback from the Fall 2015 series.
In February, the first month of the series, HCBA and DNR Construction will host "Bundle Up Your Home" an informative seminar about the importance of insulating and air sealing vintage homes, and an update on HCBA's available Energy Savers Grant. See the February schedule below:

"Bundle Up Your Home"
HCBA Grant Update

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
6-7:30 pm
Brainerd Library
1350 W 89th St, 60620

"Bundle Up Your Home"
HCBA Grant Update

Monday, February 22, 2016
6-7:30 pm
Austin Irving Library
6100 W Irving Park Road, 60634

Other Spring topics will include: a basement remodeling and finishing panel, made up of architects and experienced homeowners; a bathroom remodeling mini-series, covering everything from tile to plumbing; tips on managing mold and keeping your home healthy; the history and maintenance of historic art glass windows; rain barrel and rain garden workshops; and a Bungalow Maintenance 101 panel, composed of specialists in a variety of home improvement fields. Stay tuned for our full Spring schedule, coming very soon! 

For sponsorship opportunities contact [email protected]
Free Rain Barrels
Get Yours!
HCBA is pleased to partner with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (the District) to deliver you up to 4 free rain barrels to help manage stormwater on your property. It's very simple. Sign up and get yours!

Once you sign up, a representative from Upcycle will deliver your rain barrel(s) within 2 months. They will only use your contact information if there is a problem with delivery. In the meantime, see the District's Rain Barrel Installation Guide to learn how to properly install your barrel(s).
Thanks for reading! Please be in touch with your suggestions or comments. Stay warm and safe during this Winter season!

Warm Regards,
Mary Ellen Guest
Executive Director
Historic Chicago Bungalow Association
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Excerpt on Heating!
Bungalow Maintenance 

Please enjoy this excerpt of our publication, Bungalow Maintenance 101available for free download on our website.

Excerpt from Chapter 4, on Heating
Window Campaign Tidbit
Exterior Painting of Windows
Has it been about 5 years since you've given your exterior windows a paint job? If so, here are some helpful steps to take when doing the job:
  1. Scrape surface
  2. Lightly sand
  3. Clean with mineral spirits
  4. Treat raw wood with 2 parts boiled linseed oil and 1 part turpentine
  5. Prime with alkyd primer
  6. The prep in steps 1-5 are of the utmost importance for a long-lasting job
  7. Use an oil-based, or alkyd finish paint - be sure to buy the right brush
Remember, don't paint your limestone!