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Flood-risk in Chicago Bungalows and Vintage Homes
Thanks to a grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Coastal Management Program, this past August, HCBA partnered with Elevate Energy to conduct flood-risk assessments of bungalows in Chicago's East Side community to better understand common problems, as well as general recommendations to reduce flood-risk on your property. 
Top Tips Discovered for Managing Stormwater on Your Property:
  1. Modify the elevation of the ground to slope and drain away from the foundation;
  2. Repair existing gutters and downspouts, and install downspout extensions to the yard to shed water from the roof to a safe drainage area away from the foundation;
  3. Install rain gardens with native plants to collect and absorb excess rainwater in the yard;
  4. Install check-valves or other lower-cost flood control systems to reduce the risk of sewer backup.
Below is a summary of the flood-risk report courtesy of Ryan Wilson of Elevate Energy; many of Ryan's findings apply to all bungalow neighborhoods:

Watch our website for an expanded, comprehensive list of resources and videos to help you manage stormwater.
Submit Your Project for a Chance to Win $1,000!
11th Annual Driehaus Foundation Bungalow Awards
It's time to celebrate historic Chicago bungalow owners and their dedication to renovating and restoring their homes with the 11th Annual Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Bungalow Awards.

The awards honor the creative efforts of bungalow owners in the following categories: interior and exterior rehabilitation, interior restoration, green design, small project, and landscape design.

The first place winner in each category will be awarded $1,000 and a hand-crafted bronze HCBA plaque. All nominations are due by Monday, November 2nd, 2015. We look forward to seeing your projects:

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Bungalow Maintenance 

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Window Campaign Tidbit
Caulk for the Winter!
Keep cold air out by caulking small gaps around your windows. Just be sure not to caulk over weep holes or horizontally at the base of storm windows! You don't want to trap water in your wood windows, which could contribute to mold or rot.