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The following entry was posted on the AEF's website on May 7, 2015 by Ashley Miller

Premises Affected by Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)
in Canada in 2015

Canada's control program for equine infectious anemia (EIA) has made significant progress in reducing the prevalence of the disease in Canada. However, despite the best efforts of the horse industry and governments, EIA continues to be detected in Western Canada, particularly in the northern parts of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as in the Yukon.


Horse owners and owners of properties where horses co-mingle should take measures to protect their animals - particularly if they are purchasing or receiving animals from the areas mentioned above.


The CFIA, in collaboration with provinces, territories and horse industry, conducts surveillance for EIA through the national EIA Control Program. Under the program, horse owners voluntarily have their animals tested for the disease.


EIA is a reportable disease under the Health of Animals Regulations. This means that all suspected cases must be reported to the CFIA.


The following tables list premises confirmed to be affected by EIA in Canada in 2015.


The provincial maps show the number of EIA-positive equines identified in 2015.

Current as of: 2015-03-31


For larger view visit the CFIA links below 


Equine Infectious Anemia 2015, Saskatchewan

Date ConfirmedLocationAnimal Type Infected
January 19RM of Corman Park 344Equine
March 17RM of St Louis 431Equine

Areas with one or more affected premises:

  • Cornman Park No. 344 - 1 infected animal
  • St Louis No. 431 - 1 infected animal


For larger view visit the CFIA links below 



Equine Infectious Anemia 2015, Alberta

Date ConfirmedLocationAnimal Type Infected
March 12Rocky View 44Equine
March 25Ponoka 3Equine

Areas with one or more affected premises:

  • Rocky View No. 44 - 1 infected animal
  • Ponoka No. 3 - 1 infected animal

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